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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Confessions of a Shopaholic

YAY! It's summer! the period of BBQ's  and all things fun. Don't you like that you can eat crap and burn it quicker in this season? Wait! Have you guys noticed something? Everyone comes out in summer. There are people I might only see once a year and guess when I see them? You guessed right; in summer lol.

** P.S. this post has been sitting in my draft since the beginning of summer and the season is now goooonneeeeee, sigh. Fall is beautiful though. I love all the pretty colors and I love dressing up for this weather***** 

Anyways, back to business, I have been longing to do a post on a throw back on something that happened about 2 years ago but we will be hitting other streets today. Yes, its all about me discovering I am a shopaholic.

Sigh . . . I always thought shopaholics are only those people who go on and on buying the most expensive things and maxing out their credit cards. I got it wrong, at least, to me, I got it wrong.

This year, I realized that over the years, one of the things I "need" to do to release stress is to shop and it honestly does not matter what I am shopping for;  it could be groceries and adding some extra items I would normally not buy or eat, it could be random things for organizing I "think" I need, it could be clothes, make-up etc - anything. It could be me eating out more often than I usually would. As long as I am buying something I can enjoy or see. I smile, I am good.

I go through this phase when life seems to be going too fast or when I am at my lows. Sometimes, it comes to me like I need to reward myself; reward myself for working hard at something, at other times, it is because I have had a stressful or "down" week and  I feel the need to treat myself. But there is a real problem when you feel you need a treat/ reward almost every time especially when your bank account says no *cringes*

"...I mean, why do we buy things we do not need, things that are not necessary, or add to the junk we already have? ..."  

Shopping genuinely makes me happy, it puts a real spark on my face and takes away so much stress/burden. It is a real therapy and it sure works! While I am pretty sensible about the way I  spend my money, I still feel like the excessive need to always shop is a weakness. I mean, why do we buy things we do not need, things that are not necessary, or add to the junk we already have?

Do I need an intervention? lol, I am not sure/ I think not. However, I do wish to win a shopping spree or something like that - serious face ( just in case anyone out there wants to take me :) ) .  But really, I need to find other ways to deal with certain situations, and I also have to remember the importance of being prudent.

So, this year, I noticed that even though I am not maxing out my credit cards and I know when to tell myself no, I still need to develop some discipline in this area - working on it. I believe we should always improve ourselves.

Is anybody out there like me? Are there some habits or things you need to work on too? Do you have any advice for me? feel free to share :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, please don't forget to leave your comments and feedback :)

with love, 
Abi Tobi 

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  1. Hahaha... I actually said to myself the same things earlier this week, I do not like shopping but I like buying.. lol I don't know how that works though.
    Well, I guess like you said... it's dicipline. Every one has a weakness that can be converted to strength with our self dicipline. Easier said than done however.