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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oh You Woman

When I look at women, I usually have an admiration for how perfectly uniquely beautiful God has created each and everyone us. But yet, we tend to suffer more from self-image issues; it's either we feel too skinny, not skinny enough, too curvy, want more boobs or less and so on. The society has somehow encrypted in our brains that we NEED to be a certain way to be beautiful.

To be honest, I go through these too. Growing up, I was very skinny and was constantly reminded that I needed to eat more. I also believed it when I was told that I was unattractive. Growing older, my body started to change on me. Now, I tend to add a few inches if I stick to certain kinds of food, and get frustrated when my tummy makes me look 4 months pregnant. I have also felt insecure about my hair and wondered why it wasn't thick enough or why it wouldn't grow as fast. Every time, I went to a hair salon as a child, there was usually a joke about me having "grandma hair" and this made me crave "good hair". I didn't let these things get to me, I often laughed about them, but there were those odd days no one knew about, where I looked in the mirror and hated it all.

These days, God is beginning show me that I am made in a different light. I am starting to own and appreciate my "extra curves" while taking care of body. I am researching and appreciating the beautiful hair God has blessed me with too. Every hair type is good hair. I am a marvelous creation.

Psalm 139:14 (NKJV) 

" I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows very well"  

We do have a responsibility to take care of our bodies and hair etc.. but we should  start accepting the beauty and change they come with too.

This post is to encourage and to remind every single female out there that you are wonderfully made and you are absolutely beautiful! So, OWN IT! :) 

Have you seen her?
created in details
every curve beautiful
every line so perfect

at every stage, with age,
she grows, confused about her body
as she starts to force herself in her cloths
increased waist line without warnings,
unable to see the beauty in the nature of its change
unable to reconcile beauty at every stage
oh you woman
don't you see how beautiful you are
your every curve is so beautiful

She looks at her behind
or breasts, and compares them to her sister's
wondering if something is wrong with her?
"where are my curves? I want some curves.."
oh you beautiful woman,
can't you see how God has perfectly blessed you
your every line is so blessed
so uniquely, perfectly placed

she blossoms,
her face full of youth
and with scars on her heart,
she chooses to love with all of it.
she is beautiful
at every age,
in growth, in wisdom

But sometimes,
when she looks in the mirror,
she sees things different;
insecurities, weaknesses, ugliness...
how can we take these scales off?
oh you woman,
your every curve, every line is so beautiful

She forgets,
that no one is without insecurities
let your light shine from within
allow your strengths to overtake your weaknesses

oh you woman,
you are beautiful
created in details
across all cultures,
all body types,
all hair types,
doesn't matter how different you feel you look
you are so beautiful
specially and uniquely created