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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nothing is Wrong ...

it is a feeling words cannot express,
shows up even at your brightest hours
killing every chance to see things colorful ... it's grey.
killing your right sense of being

it's a feeling you don't want to accept
the shame of talking to a friend or two
for whom can we trust with such depth of emotions?

nothing is wrong
but nothing is right either
the world seems empty
practically, it is empty
"what am I here for?", you ask

the emptiness in one's soul
it's like it stole your right to feel anything
your right to feel anything;
mostly no pain, no hurt, no happiness,
... no sadness, no joy...
almost like a robot, you take "it" as it comes
it stole your right to feel anything but emptiness
nothing is wrong,
but please tell me, what is right?!!
"what am I here for?!", you ask.

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