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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What Are you Thankful For?

Thankful for my senses
For every touch,
every time I dance
love with all my heart
cry my glands out
thankful for color
thankful for sleep

Thankful for the seasons
for they remind me
the cold nights may seem long
but they ll only last a while
before my troubles melt
and my life shines so bright
Undeniably Illustrious
beauty defined colors

Thankful for family
for they are a rock
there so strong
the loudest cheerleaders in the world

Thankful for Friendships
for nights we laugh
and days we fight
for through the years
we grow a bond

Thankful for failed friendships
for the lessons they bring

Thankful for failures
because I can try again
even better... best

Thankful for the mornings
the sunrise
Pancakes or muffins
sunny-side up or scrambled
tea or juice
the refreshing taste of breakfast
a new beginning, new hope...
a chance to try again

Thankful for life
for oxygen, lungs
arteries and veins
working in coordination
for the heart and body.
For every morning
I can breathe ..
with life there is hope

The life I live
is not in my hands
slowly, firmly and beautifully
built- in progress-  by the Lord Most High
Thankful for salvation
to recognize Lord as God


Tuesday, November 19, 2013