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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Why is it that NYSC can be such a pain? and what's wrong with a program that should be contributing to and improving the whole system in Nigeria?

The other night, one of my friends and I talked for a few hours about what's exactly wrong with Nigeria and we had to talk about NYSC. My friend said she thinks a lot of people have a strong tribalistic mindset and NYSC will always be a somewhat flawed system because every tribe thinks less of another tribe etc.

With the whole "yoruba people are this" and "igbo people are that" I can't even deny it but I still believe it could work.

The essence of NYSC is for young people to learn about other cultures and also to contribute to local communities (please correct me if I am wrong). It feels like it has lost this and now some sort of ritual that youths must go through every year and why is this? Well, how educated are people? how willing are the youths and what factors have been put in place to ensure these volunteers are comfortable? It is voluntary work and efforts should be put in to make volunteers feel apprciated.

I will tell you how it could work and why it might be a sort of "hopeful imagination"

Imagine that the government educates people of rural communities or villages about the role students will be playing? imagine that for one year or six months, students will be helping develop communities, for example, medical or general science students could educate about health, why people should eat healthy, how to live in a cleaner environment, how to prevent certain illnesses etc.

Some could educate teenagers and help prevent teenage pregnancies hence overpopulation. Education on HIV/AIDS and its prevention. Some could help with women and beauty- make up, fashion etc. some could help cook for poor people who might be struggling even for food.  Some could home school young children whose parents can't afford to send them to school. Some could clean. CLEAN the communities. Some could contribute in agriculture, why it is important and to encourage farmers- let the books meet with the farm land--  Finance and accounting students can educate them about how to be financially wise. I tell you, many people just need some sort of direction in this life.

I believe that if locals know this is for their own good, they will be more than happy to have NYSC candidates.

I think you get the idea. Students should be doing actual community work. Students should be in local communities for a "youth service" not a fancy company. OK, they are helping out in those companies too but what is the main purpose of NYSC ?

If the government was serious enough it could happen. How about talk to local communities first and let them know what they will benefit from this program? how about making sure students have a place to sleep and food to eat and some pocket money? How about make real "NYSC positions" and let students choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice on things and what they would love to contribute in the communities. How about make sure these communities are safe and the people are accepting. If there is more work than students, then the government can make a priority list and work accordingly.

If this is to the betterment of Nigeria, this program could get sponsors. wait! I am almost too gaddamn  sure it would get lots of sponsors! y'all will see big companies and rich people throwing their resources in! hey, it makes them look good too! it looks good on their profile. Who doesn't want to be part of a good thing? tell me? everyone wins!

But then this could all be my "hopeful imagination" 

-- Are we sure the money sent in by sponsors would be used for the communities and / the NYSC students? or will our dear Nigerian government workers be eating out of the "national cake" ?

--- I have heard that NYSC is sometimes a way for students to get a job. If this works, then maybe students with little or no "connections" would have a more limited means of getting a full time job.

Those are my major concerns and to me, they are MAJOR! I do wish things would get better.... but then, hopeful imagination... right?

Maybe the time should be cut to 6 months and the other 6 months at a company or something in the student's field? maybe ?

Please let me know what you think. If you can, please let's do something about it! I wish the right officials will get to see this and I wish it gets them all thinking. This could work but then we need a government, leaders that would be accountable to our young new graduates...



  1. Girl, you just went all political on me (*sigh*…beauty plus brain..) Who knows what the solution to 9ja is sef? May God help her.

  2. You already know how I feel about this! Also, when the communities see how the students benefit them, they could even give incentives for students to come to their parts. Won't it be awesome if let's say (hypothetically speaking, before all the tribalists burst a nerve)Enugu offers some kind of comfort package to students from the west, knowing that they have such different cultures, and that package includes accommodation, food etc but also, opportunities for the students to learn about the Igbo culture. I would go do this, if i knew my life wouldn't be threatened. Because all in all, this makes for better people and better people=Better country=Better Economy.

    K I'm done! :)

  3. i think program has lost its essence it just a waste of one year of peoples lives.

  4. @inthe.. ha! lol, thank u for the compliement *smiling* @Tosin sigh*

    @Uchenna it has lost its essence but can be better?