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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Look in the Mirror

Guess who is back? back, back? back again, gain
Shady's back back, back again gain. lol
Shady indeed :/

yup yup, I am back at home now!

It doesn't even feel like I left oh! nothing changed. Feels like I slept and had a very long dream, woke up and bam! I am in my room haha..

I really hoped to blog about my trip while away but internet connection was not strong. I often got frustrated and gave up. To be honest, there were some places with good connections but I also had to work on something else, sorry. -_-
This continues my travel journal ........
Anyways, the trip was one of the best things I did for myself this year, wait, probably the best! I had the intention of going there to give as much of myself to people but bang! I ended up receiving more than I was able to give. I believe I gained some personal growth and I am glad to have seen God's beauty through nature. Generally, I am glad to have been determined enough to allow God help me make it happen :D

I learnt a lot about myself and that there is so much to be thankful for. From the children I worked with, I learnt that I could shut up, stop complaining and  enjoy whatever good I have right now. We might not be where we should be, but hey, while working up, we need to be thankful, happy. Happiness doesn't come from any of the things we own or our social status or job, it comes from within. Suck it up and find a reason to be happy :) ... I really don't want to write about my work there but I got much from the children and I never thought their smile will make my heart melt. I wish we had more hours to work and there was more I could have done but it was still good.

My friends and I visited as many places as we could and had a good time together, it was like a little family away from home. I even found out that I might not be as "safe" as I always thought <yes, home girl is getting fearless haha>

Anyways, we were there through a school called "Ateneo De Manila" University. One of the best in the Philippines - a private school with a pretty nice and clean campus < it is like private Universities in Nigeria>....  If you are interested check out their website 

My impression of the students was a bit errr initially...  they are mostly kids from very very comfortable backgrounds,  some of them have their own cars and (or) drivers and most can't take the public transportation to save their own lives. Very sheltered students etc....

p.s. I believe having your own car in a developing country while in school shows u must be very comfortable --

They were often surprised that my friends and I would go on trips alone, some of them warned us to be VERY careful! They said it could be dangerous etc.. lol it's not bad. you just HAVE TO BE street smart.

At first, I felt "err" by their "sheltered- ness" but then, took myself back to Lagos, Nigeria,  I felt as though, I was looking my former self in the mirror through them. I was that very sheltered kid too. I would have had no guts to have gone on any of those trips alone with friends. To make matters worse, we lived in an estate and I went to boarding school (I practically lived in a CAGE >_<   ). Aside from school excursions, I never got to do/ see a lot in Nigeria. To be honest, I do believe it could have been irky but I had no guts lol. I would hang out with friends in my estate and my parents took me to any other place I wanted to go. I wasn't allowed to take the public transportation  alone either... I had lied my way through sometimes, and did.  " it was dangerous" yah, right! rme*

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