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Monday, August 5, 2013

Live it Loud - 2013

The weekend of the 25th of July was unreal!! I had such a good time and it sucked it had to be over so soon but oh well, I was at the Live it Loud conference in Windsor, Ontario Canada and.. ...

In case I am getting you confused, Live it Loud is a Redeemed Christian Church young adults' conference in Canada, and it runs for about 4 days; young adults from various parts of Canada come together and bla bla... we learn the word of God, we have fun and we make new friends :) ... I wrote one up for 2011 if you wanna check it out

....and  It was a-ma-zing! God did move! and I danced like crazy! we danced like crazy, worshipped, praised, ate boli and chicken, met lots of people etc

Of cos, there were showcases of talent, people are talented oh! and ohhhh there was this guy from Calgary who sang Twale (by Flo). Never heard the song until that night and he killed it, again, he just KILLED IT!! If this guy releases an album, I am buying!! I wish I took a video of the performance but err sorry manage the original hehe  (the song has become my national anthem lol) .. I have uploaded the original  below

p.s. I have shared pictures as well.....

Before we get to the pictures a few things I love to share with you:

- Love even when it is difficult: Not that I had not heard this before but I really really needed to hear it again and again and again. As a child, I had a mind that could never hate or keep malice or hold a grudge, I couldn't get so annoyed that I stop talking to you- and I did not understand how people did. Growing as a young adult however,  I can't say same. I find myself so upset that I don't even want to hear the person's name. Is that love?

It is easy to love someone who is doing all the right things for you but will you still care if (s)he stopped and stabbed you in the back? Would you still love even when you get nothing in return? But the bible equates Christians hating to murder and spiritual death. If we are Christ-like we should train our hearts to love no matter what. Choose to love!

1st John 3:14-15 was a new revelation to me that night- greatest thing I took from the weekend

Plus---- holding a grudge is heavy on the heart and tiring - just tiring! very stressful, abeg I no do again abeg!

- You Should not be apologetic for who you are: In the world today, it is becoming harder to boldly state our convictions as  Christian young adults.  We often find yourself in situations where we feel shy to say things we wouldn't do or do and why. It is very easy to keep quiet or "agree" because  we don't want to be left out or judged or -not-fun- etc.. why are we timid to live it loud?

"The world must know your convictions and your convictions (based on the word of God) are great!"

For example, I always say I won't get wasted/drunk and lots of people have tried to convince me. They tell me what I am missing, that it's fun, and I should let loose (etc).. BUT all I do is smile. I could tell them why they shouldn't, what my bible says and why it is dangerous. Am I living my convictions out boldly? or Are they living theirs' out boldly?

-"Love is the greatest Spiritual Weapon we have " (amen!):  The pastor said if someone is being so difficult "love them to submission" hahaha!  ---  Just imagine a girl who always "eyes" you and gets "high blood pressure" when u are around. Imagine being genuinely nice to her and with no malice towards her. She will def turn around if not for anything but because at the least, it makes her look bad.

"Hate can't fight hate, only love can"

-Walking Away: Some of the things God wants us to walk away from are not necessarily bad but they might limit us from going to the next level. Also, sometimes, God wants us to walk away from things that we hold on to too tightly almost above God (we sometimes don't know it). It might be a job, a friendship,an association of people, a career- path, a relationship, tv or even too much sleep (anything).

"God's plans for you are beautiful and best for you. HE takes care of the beautiful birds in the air, and you are way more important. Whatever he tells you is for your own good!" 

-G.R.A. ; Goodlooking, Rich and Anointed (amen!) haha!: Need I explain further?? I can't shout abeg!

Here are some of the pictures and the video. ...
p.s I think I need to invest in a better quality camera

Hope you enjoyed this post ..

Windsor is water (and a small tunnel too) away from Detroit, USA ... my people looking  at the other side  

Appetizer, at the Banquet -
 (I don't know why we did not take pictures of the main dish and dessert, lol) 

Proof that we ate Boli lol

Chicken - was yummy!

Fish and Chicken, I heard the fish was good! (I don't eat fish tho)

myself and some friends

More of DG 


  1. i wasnt in any picture :(

  2. Awwww! i heard so many awesome things about it. Glad you enjoyed yourself

  3. aww so beautiful abby! both you and the food looked yummy! lol..

  4. @Ejay :( I love u!!

    u know how u get with your pictures on social networks etc.. I did not want u upset... no vex plix

    @Gee thanks girl :)

    @Bola hahaha wash! thanks. we miss u

  5. Such an interesting read. I enjoyed it a lot.

    You should break those wonderful points down even more in later write-ups, I see lots of potential in there.

    Good job Hun!

  6. Nice write-up. I enjoyed reading this.

    P:s: The picture of the fish is mouth watering. I didnt get to taste it either, though I eat Fish .....lol

  7. @DK hey thank u! and thanks for visiting my blog :D

    yah, I know someone else said so to next time sha...

    thanks :)

    @Anno lol I know people who ate 2+

  8. That chicken looks bad mehn!!!!!! You looked great!