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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Awkward Moment When.....

Does anyone watch the "Awkward Black Girl" series on Youtube?? A link to one of the episodes is at the end of this post

I just love that show! I mean, if you get  half as awkward as I do you would too haha!

Anyways, these are some of Abi's Awkward moments _____

1) Seeing an Acquaintance in the hallway more than once in the time frame of less than 2 hours:
What do you say after the first or second time? I have already said hi, do I have to greet you again? smile again? fake smile perhaps  or pretend not to see you? lol .. Is it just me? does it get awkward with you too?

2) The Question "Tell me about yourself" : NAH! not in an interview, you know what "they" want to hear there. It is when someone I just met asks that question, in my head I am like "what part about myself, Honey, I can write 5 books!"  what am I supposed to say? I end up stammering and smiling A LOT! with nothing to say lol .. over the phone, I "suddenly have to go" lol

3) when a good looking guy is smiling and staring at you and you smile and wave back and then he walks to the girl behind you lol

4) A boy or man walks into the Bus with his pants sagged all the way down with his heavy and LOUD headphones :

You know them, they will walk into the bus with their music so loud and pants all the way down, see you and start to act like y'all connect
____and all you are trying to figure out is how he isn't deaf yet and how he manages to walk with pants down his knees .. like where exactly is the connection?

5) No more words:  I have ran out of words in my "elevator speech"; ha! you know when you have just met someone and you already exchanged the quick `what`s your name, what do you do..etc` and he or she is still standing there.. it even gets worse when I started the conversation lol or wait! awks! I think it`s just me

6) when you smile and wave to your friend. walk towards him (her) and it`s not your friend  : /

7) (this is GROSS haha) .. when you have your tummy running soo bad and you hold onto that fart till you get into the elevator, perfect! no one is in. You do your thing and then the elevator stops on d second floor, going up with you .... errrrr erm oh! wasn't me

8) when you are seriously looking for something, (say your keys or phone), searched all over, disarranged your room and then after like 30 minutes you realize it has been in your pocket all the while

9) when you forget your phone at home and get back home to not even one text  lol ....na so life be

10) when you send a steaming hot right text message to the wrong person. awks!

That`s all I can think of atm ... do you find yourself in some of these? share plsss! what are some of your awkward moments?

and as promised, here is the episode, enjoy :D

Oh BTW, please let me know what you think of my new layout,  thanks :)

Abi Tobi


  1. Hahahha! #1, 5,6 and 9 got me laughing! Oh the not one text one is just the worst! Lol!

  2. hahaha nice one bimsy!

  3. Tell me about yourself...

  4. #1: I usually just wink and walk on by

    #2 makes me arrrgg. It is just the worst. Like, have u met me? I'm not exactly a few days old ya know

    I'm actually a good ice breaker though depending on company. I pretty much laugh about everything including myself so i hardly get into awkward situations. If i was that babe, i'd probably walk up and say "lovely tie" or something like that. People like compliments and i give honest ones

    #9 is just so mean lol. Not even a missed call smh

    tip: don't over think stuff. Just do it

    P.S: Your layout is really cool and you're prettyyy :D

  5. LOL at your list.. I can so identify with most of them..
    No 9 is the worst.. That has the potential to put one in a state of depression.. Or leaving your BB and you return seeing no flashing light :-( lol
    An awkward moment.. After using the office toilet for a massive no 2, toilet refuses to flush and there's a queue outside awkward.com .. more like BuryMeHere.com

  6. @Toinlicious lol! mehn, I think I need to get that talent too..

    lovely tie ehn? that could have worked actually

    @ 1+ the one hahahaha! I think I would have passed out if I was the one in the washroom lool

  7. Lol at "buryMeHere.com".....

  8. Yes, ABG is my favorite web-series. Every single episode is spot on! Thanks for sharing with more people ;}. And I love your display pic!

    PS | I just posted a new post where I shared my most embarrassing moments! I'm tagging you! Perhaps you'd want to do a post and tag some other people or want to leave a comment on my post! Can't wait to read it!


  9. @kimberly u love that show too? yay! it's sad they don't really make new ones anymore :(

    no problem, will check it out :)