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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Settling ..........

So the other day, I got to the parking lot (train park and ride) a little later than I should have and I was soo determined (praying in my mind and begging God) to find parking. I found one (yay!) so glad and wondered why no one had taken it, the location seemed really good but the parking spot was horrible, had water and mud all over . I thought about the fact that it would ruin my pretty shoes but I ignored it and decided to settle (just in case I wouldn't find another)

as I got off, walking to the train station, I found better parking spots!!  ugh! ugh! why did I settle, my pretty shoes were stained :(

well, a very minor issue but the situation that morning ministered to other areas of my life. ............

You know those times you pray about something and believe, then you just grab the first one that "looks" like the answer.  Then, trouble comes, or no complete peace comes with that "blessing". The fear of the chance never coming our way again distracts us and can prevent us from getting the best. Why won't we take a step back and ask God if it's right, if it's time, if it's ours?

Remember that "the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and HE adds NO sorrow with it (Proverbs 10:22)" (absolutely amazing!!)

He adds no struggle, pain, confusion, nothing. absolutely nothing that won't give you peace. See, if only I had been a little more patient I won't have ruined my beautiful shoes that morning, I would have found something better.  That's how real life situations are. We should wait and be patient, sharpen our hearts and ears to God and let him lead as he should. Let him direct our every step.

Enjoy the Rest of your week

Abi Tobi  


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  2. Absolutely true but it can be scary. I guess that's the place of prayers