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Saturday, April 13, 2013

It is Up to You :)

You can laugh out loud if you want to
feel  and enjoy every drop of the drizzling rain
dance like no one is watching
or you could let your beautiful face go,
fade slowly with the wrinkles from that frown

You could re-analyze
re-organize, re-think or regret
everything that makes you sad
you could let those thoughts take sanity,
peace, beauty from your head
you can learn your lessons
let it go...
enjoy the ride

You could hold on
be unforgiving
keep your soul caged up
because he hurt you
because she let you down
or you can let it go
set your soul free
release the pain.. freedom
you can give your soul it's long awaited freedom

You could hurt yourself
keep holding on to what you did
you could let guilt suck up
the pride you take in your being
your confidence
unforgiving to yourself
choose to be miserable
you can forgive yourself
let it go....
move on..
set your soul free
remind yourself Christ already forgave you

You could condemn your hair
your legs, the way you talk,
your person, your beauty
or you can accept, appreciate and love yourself

It's all up to you
You could remain miserable,
you could hold on to bitterness
and tastelessness
You could keep hugging
whatever is making you stagnant
whatever is making your soul a prisoner
or you can choose to forgive,
to let it ALL go
you can choose to be happy
you can be happy
you deserve to :)

P.S. The choreography :)