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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Big Chop!

So I stood in front of the mirror and I couldn't take the irregularities and ugliness anymore, I could not believe that letting it out for only one week, letting myself see it's true nature and what it had become would result to this. I guess I have been in denial? or was I just blind? Extensions had made it soo easy for me, and yes it was growing, beautifully too (so I thought) no, not beautifully, just growing somehow. Texturizers had weakened her, taken her full beauty, her beautiful nature. It wasn't time for it. Texturizing had come too soon, she needed some growth first, some life first. she needed to find her own strength first. First, before any other thing.

and in that instance, I blocked out what anyone would say or think, I blocked out negation. She needed a new start and I was going to give it to her.

That instance I took a pair of scissors and cut it all off...the uneven awkward looking strands.. and the feeling was PRICELESS.. very very priceless... but it's just hair.............


But you know, it's more than that. Our lives sometimes need trimming, we need to look into the mirror and cut things out. Let go of  all the ugliness and irregularities. We need a TRUE check of our lives to understand our situations and re-evaluate and adjust when and where needed.

Sometimes, we are scared of what people might say or  how they might react to our decisions, we are scared of how we might  "look" and we allow ourselves ignore the importance of  re-construction. There might be people you need to cut off or let go. All the people who bring you negative energy, or maybe those who influence you wrongly. It might even be as simple as a TV show that makes you crawl into your skin and brings back hurtful memories, or a job that brings you absolutely no peace.
You need trimming and you have to let it go! chop it off..

Yes, at some stages we need THE BIG CHOP! 

Maybe you need to change your city, cut off those people, go back to school, get a new job, move out of your parents house, get out of that relationship, make peace, be firm.  Whatever you need for a fresh new start, confess it and work towards it (more actions than talking). Sometimes, you need some growth first before getting to the next level. YOU need to allow that growth! It is time to make bold and reconstructive decisions for YOURSELF irrespective of what anyone thinks of it. It's your life and you have to take it by the hand without fear and enjoy the ride ......

Enjoy your weekend. xx
Lots of Love,
Abi Sanni

Btw, enjoy the song :D


Thursday, April 18, 2013

You are more Beautiful than you think

I was going to post  something else today, but can pass or wait on that .. ...

I read this article and I just felt a little warm inside. I DID NOT WRITE THIS.. I FOUND IT HERE:  http://www.mamamia.com.au/health-wellbeing/dove-real-beauty-sketches-film/

Imagine if you were asked to explain your own beauty to someone. Would you struggle?

Yeah. You and the other 3.5 billion women on the planet.

The reality is that most of us can’t see our own beauty like the people around us can. We’re constantly underestimating ourselves. In fact, only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.

This video will change the way that you think and feel about your own beauty….

An FBI-trained forensic artist, Gil Zamora, created sketches of seven women who were hidden behind a curtain; he used their self-descriptions as the basis of his drawings. Prior to the session with Zamora, each of the women were also asked to spend some time with a stranger – without being told why. Zamora then also drafted sketches from the stranger’s depictions of the women.

And the result? Well, we’ll let you see for yourself.

The Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign encourages women to reassess how they see themselves.

You can join the conversation on Dove’s Facebook page here.

And if you needed further reminding of exactly WHY women’s perceptions of beauty are so skewed, then click through this gallery of photoshop fails.


Please go to the website above to go through the pictures.

Let me know what you think.


Abi Tobi

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It is Up to You :)

You can laugh out loud if you want to
feel  and enjoy every drop of the drizzling rain
dance like no one is watching
or you could let your beautiful face go,
fade slowly with the wrinkles from that frown

You could re-analyze
re-organize, re-think or regret
everything that makes you sad
you could let those thoughts take sanity,
peace, beauty from your head
you can learn your lessons
let it go...
enjoy the ride

You could hold on
be unforgiving
keep your soul caged up
because he hurt you
because she let you down
or you can let it go
set your soul free
release the pain.. freedom
you can give your soul it's long awaited freedom

You could hurt yourself
keep holding on to what you did
you could let guilt suck up
the pride you take in your being
your confidence
unforgiving to yourself
choose to be miserable
you can forgive yourself
let it go....
move on..
set your soul free
remind yourself Christ already forgave you

You could condemn your hair
your legs, the way you talk,
your person, your beauty
or you can accept, appreciate and love yourself

It's all up to you
You could remain miserable,
you could hold on to bitterness
and tastelessness
You could keep hugging
whatever is making you stagnant
whatever is making your soul a prisoner
or you can choose to forgive,
to let it ALL go
you can choose to be happy
you can be happy
you deserve to :)

P.S. The choreography :)