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Thursday, February 21, 2013

it's the way HE....

Sometimes, most times, I find it hard to let go of my will for God's will

and sometimes, I hear him clearly but pretend to be deaf.
At other times, ugh!! oh soo blurry! I do not understand what "this" or "that" means.

Many times, I just do not understand why something is not good enough for me.. like if I say it's okay, then shouldn't it be? -

But it's the way God always keeps me and protects me. It is personal! very! it's the friendship we have. how I hide,  struggle, try and then give up, throw my hands up and say "okay, do what you gotta do".. and how HE does :)

and I am far from perfect. you can even judge me, point out every "little" or "big" sin I commit, I struggle with. You can remind me that  I am a nobody to talk about how beautiful God is. You can say anything. I will take it. I am taking it.

At the end the Lord still loves me, he still hears me and he still protects me. I am HIS and that's it!

It's how HE communicates with me. Like Jeremiah. and how he comforts me.

HE is a comforting, exceptional, amazing, beautiful God to me. like I said, it's personal.



  1. When I got saved
    i had an agreement with God
    he was to keep me from harm by guarding my path.
    He's kept His part
    I do my part by not grieving the Holy Ghost and by repenting of hardness of heart when I forget who I am.

  2. Hmmm... Your life, your story, his love for you is intimate and personal. It will unfold in his time.

  3. Hey abi..I nominated you for a leibster award. I can’t wait for your answers!

  4. Tessa ... God is wonderful. thanks for sharing :)

    @In the midst of her AMEN amen! thank u

    Thanks for the award :D