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Thursday, February 21, 2013

it's the way HE....

Sometimes, most times, I find it hard to let go of my will for God's will

and sometimes, I hear him clearly but pretend to be deaf.
At other times, ugh!! oh soo blurry! I do not understand what "this" or "that" means.

Many times, I just do not understand why something is not good enough for me.. like if I say it's okay, then shouldn't it be? -

But it's the way God always keeps me and protects me. It is personal! very! it's the friendship we have. how I hide,  struggle, try and then give up, throw my hands up and say "okay, do what you gotta do".. and how HE does :)

and I am far from perfect. you can even judge me, point out every "little" or "big" sin I commit, I struggle with. You can remind me that  I am a nobody to talk about how beautiful God is. You can say anything. I will take it. I am taking it.

At the end the Lord still loves me, he still hears me and he still protects me. I am HIS and that's it!

It's how HE communicates with me. Like Jeremiah. and how he comforts me.

HE is a comforting, exceptional, amazing, beautiful God to me. like I said, it's personal.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013



This is dedicated to all the single ladies (&men) out there! singing *if he likes it then he should put a ring on it, if he likes it then he should be committed, if he likes it then he should do this right** yes! my re-mix! lol

If you know me, then you know I am in love with love. the idea of it. I get excited when my male or female friends go on and on about some new girl/guy. it's weird. I DO WANNA hear it!! I love to lol and I am usually the one "aww-ing" the loudest

But I have a  few single friends and I feel like pushing them out to the "meat market" go find someone who makes your heart tinga-linga-ling  and better not be single this time next year (or I will  have to do the match making myself! :|)  murmurs- and you know how not soo good I am with that ...

Since love is in the air  I did a little research on where to meet single men and women.  (references are below)


But OF COS! school is a hot-spot! As one of my lovely aunties advised me in my first year in Uni "use one eye to study and the other eye to look for a man, it's harder after school oh" haha! I just laughed out loud when she said it but it is true!! If you are still in school, take some special interest classes, join a group or two. Study buddies are also a great way to network and meet new people. School is like a dive in the ocean :D

Apple Store:

Boy! I was in shock when I saw this on cosmopolitan, but seriously it makes sense! Men love their gadgets and the apple store has lots of them. As written in the article " take a free workshop on anything from Photoshop to podcasting or just survey the, ahem, good-looking merchandise" if you know what I mean ;)

Library/ Bookstore:

I totally agree with this one! I am actually happy to see this! Many of my friends do not agree with me but I have met some really cool people in the library.. then maybe you can go on with "solving one or two assignments together" etc.. The library is a beautiful place to meet people, guys!


Through a friend or Family:

This will be my personal least favorite and not just me, some of my friends agree! You know when "aunties" and "uncles" or older friends try to hook you up and the date just turns out to be an epic fail! being there and do not wanna be there again lol!

But it has also worked, people introducing people to other people have turned out to something beautiful.

Introducing works but not the forceful thing of "you MUST be together".. *say na who die?*  lol


I know, I know! the African culture really frowns at this. There is almost a stigma when you voice out that you want to try online dating. It has its pros and cons but it works. Personally, I have nothing against it except to be extra careful, ((s)he might be a psychopath!


What a beautiful place to meet beautiful people (p.s. if you have not invited me to your wedding, I am accepting IVS and making available time).

Talk to people. Dance with the fine looking man or woman you have been admiring (don't stick with your friends oh).. lots of single people, lots of new people you can get to know :).. and dance!


WHY NOT IF NOT?? all the luscious looking people. hmm hmm eye-candy.. in short I like this one because it is a good motivation to work out and stay healthy. There are lots of fine looking men at the gym! To meet working class people I suggest joining a corporate gym. working class men and women that can work that body!! lol

Sports Bar/ Club:

This is a popular one. though I won't go for a party boy because it is exhausting [I can't be worrying too much abeg (lol)].  and because I do not go out as much anymore. But it is a popular place to find fun-loving people!

You know how good girls are now ending up with party boys? lol let's go to the next one!

Religion Center (Church/Fellowship)

YES! come to church! okay, for real though, do not come to church to meet a man or woman come meet with God oh! but the church is a good place to meet some responsible people especially those you share same principles with.

Come to think of it, some people actually start coming to church more when they start feeling the need to "settle down". they will all be "worshipping" and trying to "fellowship" with you more. Be careful is all I am saying lol.

So there you have it. Top places to meet single People! Let me know what you think xx


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Happy February!

It is the month of love.

Some girls trying to "deceive" men into loving them for the aim of getting a "Val's gift". Some men trying to bring up one fight or the other (maybe) because they are broke or maybe the said girl is a side chic.

and loving couples day-dreaming about how to spend time with their lovers or how to make them feel special.

whatever you do, make sure you speak in your lover's love language. thoughtful gifts are usually the best!! :)

If you are single, pamper yourself. yes, send yourself flowers if you love flowers. take yourself (with some other single friends) to a fancy restaurant (If u love eating out). a spa treat, chocolates, a new dress, lingerie etc ..... spoil yourself. love yourself (nothing wrong with that) :)


and congrats to Tiwa Savage. she is one Nigerian female artist I adore. happy for her!