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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy New Year + Resolutions

This has been sitting in my draft for about two weeks now BUT ---->>>>>


I love you all and wish you a beautiful year. one of growth, laughter and love. *kisses*


Last year, I came up with a list of things I wanted to do in the new year, but surprisingly, 2012 did not work out the way I had imagined. leave laziness aside (for goals like working out lol) It was a year full of lessons and pauses and growth. But it was all worth it and I am more than grateful for 2012. the year is over. This is a new fresh start.

A few things I want to work on in 2013:

1) Patience: Boy! I am not patient! and every time I think my patience is good enough I get proved wrong. I hate watching anything twice, I hate reading anything twice (I get bored) . I get easily irritated but I love how a smile always covers up all the swear words and knives I am throwing at people when they are taking a piss. My reactions might lie about how I feel but since I get irritated so easily then I am not patient. I am really praying for patience.

2) Exercise: I said this last year and I and a friend did for about a month but after my friend moved, my motivation moved too :( .. Anyhow, this year, come rain or shine I will exercise. (2 weeks after) Guess who is registered in a gym? yes, Yours Truly :). My mom almost passed out when I told her about this new routine ("ha, o fe pa mi, do you want to disappear?"). LOLL! No mom, I want to be healthy. I have absolutely no stamina and fall easily ill and tired and oh yes, I love to maintain a good figure *winks*

Nothing intense tho, twice a week will do

3) Make my Lunch: I love eating out. But my goal to be healthy and financially wise says no to this. There is nothing wrong with eating out once in a while but ... really, I need to be disciplined.

4) Spiritual Growth: I am usually like a wind, here today and gone tomorrow. I don't want that no more. I want to grow spiritually, read my bible some more and live my life according to God's words. Wait for direction from God (PATIENCE!!) and learn to live a balanced life.

5) Travel:  I want to travel, see new places and meet new people. The plan is that even if I do not find anyone to go with me, I will travel and enjoy every bit of my vacation. I want to feel alive and I want to enjoy new experiences.

6) Selflessness: I feel a bit selfish sometimes. I want to step out of my box a little more for others. and  also volunteer.

well... that's all :)

what are some of your resolutions?

Abi Tobi xx

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My 1%

they say good men have vanished
that I have to take
what I get, what I see

They say a typical man
will find another lady more amusing than me
more desirable than me
that it's okay if he gets bored
and goes to her cookie-jar
but I won't be with a typical man

They say he would
almost not disrespect me
50% of the time, he might
that to him, I will be second
they say he might make mean jokes
and I have to respond with
an apology 

They say good men are done
maybe 1% left are right
they say he would love me for a while
but I have to take what I get
I say those are all lies
I say I will have one of the 1%
For he will work to be
the man in Ephesians 5: 28- 32..
he knows that when he loves me
treats me right, he is doing himself good

I say if he gets tempted to
the curves of another lady
he will run
flee from temptations
and in temptation, he will find no peace
till he does right

He will know that I am a gift
from God, a partner... not an unequal half
how can 1/2+1/2 =1, if 1/2=3/4?
see we are 1, I am one half and he, the other
equals... .. Genesis 2:23-24

I am going back to the basics
to the root of the meaning of love and marriage
not what "they say"

and I will live to submit myself unto him
I will live to be the woman in Proverbs 31: 10-31
and while I wait, I will prepare myself for him
in every aspect
and because of me, more people will respect him
more people will honor him
I will wear fine garments for him
Put on sweet smelling frangrance
and adore him with all my heart

I won't settle for less
I want my 1%
and even in lives storm,
when an uncomfortable situation
stares in our face
we will conquer
we will grow old as one

This is my 1%
and I will wait for him
They say I live in a dream world
that this is all in my "youthful imagination"
I say "I know God has the best plans for me"
I won't get less than best
I tell them
"lets wait and see"
and I smile... in my heart and out