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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baggage out?

Last Sunday the preacher talked about leaving our baggage of un-forgiveness and hurt in 2012 and not carrying them into 2013, he literally begged us to let every pain and hurt go.

This got me thinking and you know e get some kain stubborn pain that just won't leave, they stay there, staring in your face, eating with you and walking with you day by day and it is just really difficult to let them go.

Here are two main things I do when I find myself in such a situation:

1) Pray: I pray, I ask God for wisdom and help to kill hate and bitterness in my heart. Because the whole thing puts me in a situation of not caring at all about the said person. I just do NOT want to see them or hear from them and anytime I do, I get soo angry inside. So, I pray.

Prayer has really helped me. I find the pain going day by day and eventually, the whole thing becomes an experience, helping me to be wiser and reminding me those people are humans.

2) Block it out: There are times I can't even pray especially when I can not make up an explanation to why the whole thing happened. maybe good or bad, finding a reason why the other person acted in the certain way keeps me sane and helps me move past it BUT when I can't, then I find it hard to pray.

So I block it out totally, pretend or tell myself it never happened, and move on with my life, with time, I find that I either will forget what made me sooo mad, or the occurrence won't have an effect on me again.

This is only effective when I can avoid the person, when I do not have to see them every week, or month (their pictures and life included- social media). If not, I will always remember. It might also be harmful because it can add to my baggage and make me unconsciously act in certain ways I do not understand.
How do you deal with un-forgiveness? How do you let things go? what works for you and what does not? 


  1. I just took some tips from you; It never happened! For me I pray for the person and try to do something nice for them.

  2. I make it a point of duty to pray for the person not only about repentance but them experiencing God's love and goodness in life, wishing them well. Also when it comes to mind randomly I thank God for the whole situation

  3. I was a master at blocking hurts out,it just always felt like nothing happened...somehow I noticed that the hurts I thought I blocked-out always just re-surfaces and still hurts..Its been a long walk but now I'm learning to deal with hurts, I talk and pray about them.

  4. o nice, those are awesome tips like doing something nice for them instead of avoiding the whole situation.. and praying for their goodness is something I try doing too.. I dunno if it works but it feels good for few hours after

    Dayor, I agree with u! sometimes, it comes back but sometimes, it works too lol

  5. I usually forgive and block out the person. I never remember to pray for them. Blocking out sort of makes me forget.

    Happy new year

  6. I've learned that blocking n trying to forget works for only short periods of time. Wether you like it or not, you will manifest it in some avenue. The best thing is to deal with the issue.

  7. I act like nothing happened and with time I don't have any -ve or +ve emotion towards that person...just indifference

  8. Forgiveness indeed is not as easy as it sounds esp when one has been deeply wronged and hurt.

    Personally, I make a conscious effort of let it go and try to avoid them till it passes. With time, love always conquers all.