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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is this Selfishness? Is it love?

no! love, no, selfishness
it`s the heart that is shattered
that holds on after love is broken

the heart that wishes
that longs for some more
even at the end of the story
at the end of the journey

the type that wants you here
that secretly wishes no one will fill that space
that wants everything to be fine,
back to normal NOW!
but what is `normal`?

the heart full of bitterness
at the thought of being with another
or imagination that you move on
Is it selfishness?
Is this love?

Holding on so long
to what would have been
living in those wishes
letting bitterness
steal my heart
is this selfishness?
is it love?

But now,
I will let it go
let you go,
away from my heart
away from my soul
away from my mind
that in my head you are set free
for me, and for you
not because I do not care
but because it`s the best
for you, for me

But now,
I will let you go,
away from us
and everything
everything that has my name,
and yours written on it
away from wishes,
and live life as it is, now
remain in now, and be happy
even without you

That you may find happiness
love, and more happiness
that I hear good of you
that you laugh in the rain
and your dreams come true

that you find love
and your soul is set free
that you do what makes
your heart leap
I wish you the very best

Goodbye my once love
Goodbye my friend


  1. In james blunts words: gud bye my lover, gud by my friend. Freakn awesome piece, I sooo feel like stealn it. It definitely reaches out to a lotta ppl. Weldone

  2. @Dotun lol! thank you

    @Tosin, take tissue, lol

    @ilola :(

  3. This is making me emotional right now.

  4. Reads like a love song,filled with vivid emotions.