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Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Date Rules II

Hello beautiful people! It is a white day here in Edmonton and we have been having this down pour since Wednesday and well , I won't complain, it is just really WHITE everywhere .. I miss Spring .

So how are all the New York Bloggers? lovelife4sale, you there? I hope you guys are fine and my prayers are with you. this too shall pass. amen.

and the series continues! Yes first date rules. I am no expert oh but wise actions might save us from trouble and more troubles. Anyways, I read about a girl in Nigeria who jumped down a high-rise apartment in Lagos because her date was trying to rape her (Linda Ikeji's Blog). hmm, I do not blame the girl for being assaulted and I am particularly ashamed that at this stage and time people would still blame her.

  • But my point is abeg make una dey go public place -- go to a public place I am begging. Biko, because you really do not know what the other person's intentions are, and also, you want to have fun but not let all of yourself go. Public place, please and thanks

  • Money:  Oh yes, you were on your own and someone asked you out on a date, he should pay. Whatevs' girl! Take your cash or debit or credit card and if possible for two (lol)... To be honest, I usually like the idea of my date paying for me (and they usually do) but I like to be prepared. This guy might be stingy or  broke or maybe the date sucked for him and he won't invest any further, who knows?
I read a funny story on twitter about a girl who went out on a date with this guy and decided to go grocery shopping right before the movie and then got to the counter and said she forgot her wallet at home. Guy just helped her arrange the things back to where she picked them from. Girl was really pissed and opted out of the date and ended the communication with the boy loooool! really though, why do we do this to ourselves? why? why? haha .... Honey, do not embarrass yourself, go prepared. You can take care of yourself  and this is a subtle way of showing it. Do not order more than you can afford and when the bill comes, bring out your wallet, cash, debit card or credit card whatever it is, place it on the table. Just show signs that  "I GOT THIS BOY !" lol 

  • Girl, it is a date not Halloween! So dress to suit the location or event. If you are going on a movie date, something casual - If you are going to a fancy restaurant, something more elegant. I would say, don't look like you are trying too hard to impress him but look good. Do not go and wear an evening gown for a movie date lol
  • Do not show too much skin.. Important. because you might look like you wanna sell out. Men are moved by what they see so note that. whatever you wear be comfortable in it and feel beautiful in it, ask 1 or 2 friends to assess your looks (too much, not enough, etc) ..  Go feeling like:

Remember to have fun and relax, it's the best way to enjoy your date.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I will be enjoying mine :D 

Hugs and Kisses
Abi Tobi


  1. Thanks o, always go with your cash - "vex moni" lol

  2. Always always go with 'vex money' o. & that public place is just plain common sense

  3. We always need to be conscious of our safety around strangers

  4. loool at "vex money" .. thanks for ur comments guys

  5. Hi Abi, found you at Romance meets life and decided to stop by. I like 'vex money'
    That last pic "I'm sexy and you know it" just hilarious.

  6. lol @ make una dey go public space. You would think it's common sense but sometimes...it just feels right until it starts to feel wrong lol

  7. @Eya thank you for stopping by!!
    lool.. believing is a strong medicine!

    @Tosin ha, tell me about it!