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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mexican Style Snack!

Hello my beautiful people!

It is a crazy summer here in Edmonton, it's super super hot this minute (like a heat wave) and then chilly the next minute. Like I always say, the weather here is BIPOLAR!!

Anyways, last Friday at work, I got soo hungry  (did not bring lunch *go figure*) and did not want to spend too much on food. I promise, I am not cheap or an 'ijebu' I am just "financially smart" :P .. lol.. So I walked down to the drug store to "shop" for food.  and I discovered something delicious!

I am pretty sure some of you think my discovery is old news but I will go on either ways. I came across this container of potato chips called "Stack Ups" (Jalapeno Flavor)  for $1.29 (I think) and salsa "New Tostitos" (Restaurant Style) ($3.49)  and bought them. I tell you, I brought Mexico to work people!! Tasting my potato chips dipped into the tositos,  I felt like I was in a Mexican restaurant nipping on appetizers ...

The stack-up thing tastes beautiful I tell you! and somewhat better than its' competitors (my opinion). The best part is that it is cheaper!  The only thing is it seems to be sold only in Canada. and for those who want to know, it is produced locally by Rexall Brands Corp. I should upload a picture but my camera is far away :( .. okay will do once I get it.. but for now I have the salsa on this post.

You can do your quick Mexican snack at home too! it's delicious! and maybe use Pringles or Lays potato chips

With Loads of Love,
Abi Tobi

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