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Monday, August 27, 2012

I will Find My Way ..

I will find my way
In the dark,
feeling the shape of my shadow
slowly through the sound of silence

I will find a way
in the bright morning sun
when the glory of the sun
steals my sight
and when I am too happy to think

I will find my way in the forest
where hungry Lions look for prey
when all they want
is the taste of my beautiful skin

I will find my way in this world
no matter what might come my way
even in the cold winter night
when my blanket has been taken away
when I need warmth and find none

I will find my way
in confusion
when all I see
is the blurriness of my future

I will find my way no matter what
because I do not walk on this path on my own

I will find my way for sure
because he is my way
my truth and my life (John 14:6)
and because I am in him
and him in me
all things will be (and are) beautiful

I will find my way
because I find peace in his words
and confidence in his promises

I will find my way always
because I walk side by side with him
because the Lord is with me ...


  1. I'll find a way
    Though it won't be easy.
    I'll find a way
    I'll be searching everyday.
    I'll find a way
    Hope it won't take too long....

    (and I forget the rest of this song I used to love long long ago. *sad face* cos I cannot even remember who sang it. Lol!).

    Thanks for bringing it from the recesses of my mind. And for such a comforting poem. No matter how lost, we will always find ourselves in Jesus. Always.

  2. @adebrsk, I dont get some poems either .. but this is more about making it through no matter what the situation

    @DesperateNaijaWoman loool, I don't even know the song :$ thanks for reading :)

    @Myne Whitman and Anonymous thank you! I am glad u love it :)

  3. sweetheart!!!..this is a lovely and deep poem...lemmie add a lil stuff
    though i walk through the valley of the shadows of death, i'll find my way
    though life brings its ups and downs, toss and turns and seems to bring discouragement, the Lord will see me through and i'll find my way
    For you are with me, thy rod and thy staff comfort me..(took some from psalm23)which am sure u wud hv noticed..#smiles#