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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Date Rules.. Safety Measures and Precautions

First! I need to get a beautiful camera! seriously! I have all these great ideas but need a camera to share them in FULL!

So please advice on what brand to get and what mega pixel. I do not necessarily want a professional one just something decent :D .. Moving on, I will have a series of "First Date Rules" and I am planning to have lots of fun with it and I hope you guys do too..

Okay soo this post is inspired by Myne Whitman in Safety Tips for Social Media  ... She gave some tips on how to be safe from social media and it got me thinking like "You know what! people also get scammed or abused by their "date". Especially if the person is a new friend or someone who nobody really knows etc.

So here are things I do personally to prevent myself from the wolves of this world (inserts innocent face*)  :

-- Meet at a Public Place: hmm... yes! I think it is to early to be hanging out alone in secluded areas like his apartment (or yours) or a drive out of town. Like I said, if this person is not a known friend, BE CAREFUL! You can do a dinner and movie night (sounds sooo boring?) but it works! or go to the park or skating  or go-carting, whatever it is, be in a public place.

--- Drive: If you are a girl and can drive you should. You two can meet at your "date venue". It is only the 1st night and you have nothing to lose :) .. If you cannot drive or do not own a car, ask where you are going and make sure someone knows you are going with him. Make sure you ask to be home early as well.

Though I would rather find my way there if he is a stranger and after the whole date, I can decide if he will drop me home or tell him "I have to meet up my friends" ;)

--- Research: *coughs* I have some friends who need to be FBI agents haha. So basically, what we do is an internet search on the guy, to see if the internet has interesting information on him. Might be negative or positive. We also stalk his Facebook or Twitter to see if we can get anything. These things help the decision process :D ... and more, can prevent one from a criminal for instance.  This is actually fun because you can ask questions based on these things and pretend you do not know just to know if s/he will lie or not.

--- Basic Information: Do not give out lots of information about yourself. He has your number already and probably knows what company you work for/what school you go. Just basic information. Nothing about personal stuff.  Remember it is only the first date.

So ladies and gents, those are some things I do (Esp for strangers). please share your ideas and other ways you prevent yourself from falling into the wrong hands.


  1. My younger sister is a photographer and she insists Canon is a very good camera (especially for amateur photographer) . Unlike Nikkon that maybe too technical and complex.
    So Canon EOS 7D or 60D will be a good choice.

    Thanks for helpful sharing the tips.

  2. Never leave your drink unattended. If you have a reason to, don't drink it anymore :)

  3. @Atary thanks for that , will check them out! :D

    @Toinlicious yes! that's soo true!! that was one of the first things we were told in high school for sex education

  4. for Camera's... i think what you need to do is find out what budget you have for a camera, and whether or not you are willing to invest more money in the camera you get. Most professional Camera need lenses and a few equipments like tripods and all those add up. Canon and Nikon Dslr cameras are good, so you can readily find items and equipments for them.

    About your first date rules, these are all good points.
    but as a guy, i hardly ever need to go through all the precautions females go through, i guess it just shows ignorant we guys are about making the females comfortable for the first date.

  5. @lovelife thanks I see u are a pro on this.... yes oh! It is better to be safe than sorry, and sice girls re usually more vulnerable it just makes sense to be careful :)