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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fashion Help!

Hello All!

!)  I have this really really cute white lace skirt that I am dying to wear. I have had it for about a month and half now and I still do not know what to wear with it. My friend's birthday is coming up and she wants us all to dress up! and to look like working-class, "I can do it all by myself" ladies and to look like take away lol..  so you have an idea of what to suggest.......

Since the skirt has a lot going on... I want to wear very simple shoes. I have these black pair of booties I wanna wear and they are pretty simple and nice. Most of my platforms are sorta high and I really do not want my skirt to appear shorter than they already are -- .. but I am open to your ideas :)

So with that in mind.. what colors,  top, or top+blazer combo and accessories will look good and fit the occasion?

!!)  I also have a pair of chiffon pink shorts, I am also dying to wear (lol). I have had it for a while too :$ .. It's pretty simple, made to be free, and has a belt hole. . and with this one, I do not know what to do to make my whole outfit look very unique, simple, nice + classy..

My shorts are pretty simple, nothing except for the belt hole and fit (on me :D) makes it exceptional but I love it. Please advice me on what to wear with, colors, shoes and accessories included.

- Thankies

Much Love


  1. U can wear the pink chiffon top, black blazer (or without the blazer) and pearl layered necklace. Make sure u button up the top to the last.

    U can fix 18inches straight hair..middle parting :)

  2. on the white lace skirt, right? thanks

  3. With the white lace skirt, you can pair it with a white tank, yellow blazer and leopard print heels or wedges.

    For the pink chiffon shorts, you pair it with a printed top. Either animal print of floral print. For the shoes, you can do a nude sandal or pumps.

    You can pair gold jewelries with both looks! :)

  4. ok, so for the white lace skirt, a very nice bright color would be nice. you can wear like a royal blue top, pink top, red top sef...let it be fancy, nothing 2 casual, so it can compliment the skirt, if u know what i mean..and if the top is going to be any of these, then a black blazer would do. We know ur love for jewelries(wink) so a nice long necklace would be great also. AND PLEASE NOT A PURPLE NECKLACE! *insert straight face*
    I like the idea about the animal print that Oluwaseun suggested. A "leopard" print would be very nice...the nude shoes sound like a great idea.

  5. thanks guys.. nice ideas actually

  6. mI am not too much of a fashion person but lets see if I can be of any help...

    the white lace is cool for a birthday party, pair it with a simple pink or blue top. you will look outstanding especially with a light makeup to go with it. I think the choice of shoes and accessories will be based on the choice of dress...

    Best wishes with it.

  7. Oh .. I am loving ur ideas! You guys are motivating me to go shopping lol

  8. new here and ff..
    loving ur blog and wow!!...u must really loooove fashion

  9. hey thanks.. thanks for following