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Monday, August 27, 2012

I will Find My Way ..

I will find my way
In the dark,
feeling the shape of my shadow
slowly through the sound of silence

I will find a way
in the bright morning sun
when the glory of the sun
steals my sight
and when I am too happy to think

I will find my way in the forest
where hungry Lions look for prey
when all they want
is the taste of my beautiful skin

I will find my way in this world
no matter what might come my way
even in the cold winter night
when my blanket has been taken away
when I need warmth and find none

I will find my way
in confusion
when all I see
is the blurriness of my future

I will find my way no matter what
because I do not walk on this path on my own

I will find my way for sure
because he is my way
my truth and my life (John 14:6)
and because I am in him
and him in me
all things will be (and are) beautiful

I will find my way
because I find peace in his words
and confidence in his promises

I will find my way always
because I walk side by side with him
because the Lord is with me ...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Date Rules.. Safety Measures and Precautions

First! I need to get a beautiful camera! seriously! I have all these great ideas but need a camera to share them in FULL!

So please advice on what brand to get and what mega pixel. I do not necessarily want a professional one just something decent :D .. Moving on, I will have a series of "First Date Rules" and I am planning to have lots of fun with it and I hope you guys do too..

Okay soo this post is inspired by Myne Whitman in Safety Tips for Social Media  ... She gave some tips on how to be safe from social media and it got me thinking like "You know what! people also get scammed or abused by their "date". Especially if the person is a new friend or someone who nobody really knows etc.

So here are things I do personally to prevent myself from the wolves of this world (inserts innocent face*)  :

-- Meet at a Public Place: hmm... yes! I think it is to early to be hanging out alone in secluded areas like his apartment (or yours) or a drive out of town. Like I said, if this person is not a known friend, BE CAREFUL! You can do a dinner and movie night (sounds sooo boring?) but it works! or go to the park or skating  or go-carting, whatever it is, be in a public place.

--- Drive: If you are a girl and can drive you should. You two can meet at your "date venue". It is only the 1st night and you have nothing to lose :) .. If you cannot drive or do not own a car, ask where you are going and make sure someone knows you are going with him. Make sure you ask to be home early as well.

Though I would rather find my way there if he is a stranger and after the whole date, I can decide if he will drop me home or tell him "I have to meet up my friends" ;)

--- Research: *coughs* I have some friends who need to be FBI agents haha. So basically, what we do is an internet search on the guy, to see if the internet has interesting information on him. Might be negative or positive. We also stalk his Facebook or Twitter to see if we can get anything. These things help the decision process :D ... and more, can prevent one from a criminal for instance.  This is actually fun because you can ask questions based on these things and pretend you do not know just to know if s/he will lie or not.

--- Basic Information: Do not give out lots of information about yourself. He has your number already and probably knows what company you work for/what school you go. Just basic information. Nothing about personal stuff.  Remember it is only the first date.

So ladies and gents, those are some things I do (Esp for strangers). please share your ideas and other ways you prevent yourself from falling into the wrong hands.

Mexican Style Snack!

Hello my beautiful people!

It is a crazy summer here in Edmonton, it's super super hot this minute (like a heat wave) and then chilly the next minute. Like I always say, the weather here is BIPOLAR!!

Anyways, last Friday at work, I got soo hungry  (did not bring lunch *go figure*) and did not want to spend too much on food. I promise, I am not cheap or an 'ijebu' I am just "financially smart" :P .. lol.. So I walked down to the drug store to "shop" for food.  and I discovered something delicious!

I am pretty sure some of you think my discovery is old news but I will go on either ways. I came across this container of potato chips called "Stack Ups" (Jalapeno Flavor)  for $1.29 (I think) and salsa "New Tostitos" (Restaurant Style) ($3.49)  and bought them. I tell you, I brought Mexico to work people!! Tasting my potato chips dipped into the tositos,  I felt like I was in a Mexican restaurant nipping on appetizers ...

The stack-up thing tastes beautiful I tell you! and somewhat better than its' competitors (my opinion). The best part is that it is cheaper!  The only thing is it seems to be sold only in Canada. and for those who want to know, it is produced locally by Rexall Brands Corp. I should upload a picture but my camera is far away :( .. okay will do once I get it.. but for now I have the salsa on this post.

You can do your quick Mexican snack at home too! it's delicious! and maybe use Pringles or Lays potato chips

With Loads of Love,
Abi Tobi

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fashion Help!

Hello All!

!)  I have this really really cute white lace skirt that I am dying to wear. I have had it for about a month and half now and I still do not know what to wear with it. My friend's birthday is coming up and she wants us all to dress up! and to look like working-class, "I can do it all by myself" ladies and to look like take away lol..  so you have an idea of what to suggest.......

Since the skirt has a lot going on... I want to wear very simple shoes. I have these black pair of booties I wanna wear and they are pretty simple and nice. Most of my platforms are sorta high and I really do not want my skirt to appear shorter than they already are -- .. but I am open to your ideas :)

So with that in mind.. what colors,  top, or top+blazer combo and accessories will look good and fit the occasion?

!!)  I also have a pair of chiffon pink shorts, I am also dying to wear (lol). I have had it for a while too :$ .. It's pretty simple, made to be free, and has a belt hole. . and with this one, I do not know what to do to make my whole outfit look very unique, simple, nice + classy..

My shorts are pretty simple, nothing except for the belt hole and fit (on me :D) makes it exceptional but I love it. Please advice me on what to wear with, colors, shoes and accessories included.

- Thankies

Much Love

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Help

I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
From whence cometh my help
my help cometh from the Lord
The Lord which made heaven and earth

He said he will not suffer thy foot
thy foot to be moved
The Lord which keepeth thee
He will not slumber nor sleep

Oh  the Lord is thy keeper
The Lord is thy shade
Upon thy right hand
Upon thy right hand

No! The sun shall not smite thee by day
nor the moon by night
He shall preserve thy soul
even forever more

My Help
My Help.. My Help
ALL of my help cometh from the Lord

(I will focus on you Lord)
(Will not take my eyes away from you, Jesus)
(will not get distracted Lord)
(My greatest Friend in time of need)
(He is my strength)
(all of my Help cometh from the Lord)

By -- Song by  Jackie Gouche Farris
         Psalm 121

Saturday, August 11, 2012

When my Mind is Clouded

When my mind is clouded
burdened and unstable
when I can't smile in the rain
or sing my favorite song

When my mind is clouded
and the words don't come out right
when I find no ears to listen
no hands to hold
when I don't want to ask

When my mind is filled with worries
the shame of sharing my pains
when I am left confused
hiding my tears
behind a smile

when my mind is clouded
and I can't even pray

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is Love Enough?


If you were anything like me, you were probably  glued to the TV watching Disney cartoons and reading the books over and over and over  as a child. From Cinderella to Snow White, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid etc I learned so many lessons (or not!). About love and marriage and my "Prince Charming". I learn't that if two people love each other, they will live happily ever after (WRONG!) ! and that every girl has a "Prince Charming"  and he will be REALLY REALLY GOOD LOOKING ( ehhh ..), perhaps, the one every girl wants to be with (na so?). But I won't have to fight to have him, he will want me, and he will do everything to have me (Okay, but in real life if a man wants you he will def do anything he can to get you and keep you! so this one is half-ly true sha lol, I can't be doing "cat and dog" to have a man, if he wants me, he has to work to have me (FULL STOP) hehe..)

Even in Hollywood movies, most chic flicks remind  us of the importance of love in intimate relationships. They mostly tell us that if you truly love each other nothing will separate you two.  So is love enough to live happily ever after? Will every day of our married/dating lives be filled with ONLY love, mushy-mushy-feelings, hugs- and -kisses? Let's keep in mind that love means different things to everyone.

I would say NO! Love is definitely not enough. again: IT'S NOT ENOUGH! and there is not such thing as "happily ever after" ...  In as much as it is very important,there are other factors that make it work. Before I proceed I have come up with a definition of intimate love... eros - love between lovers.

When you understand, are ready to accept, are very satisfied to take on the responsibility  that your number one priority after God is to make your partner happy. When you truly understand the meaning of "2=1" ... and when their joy becomes yours. and  when this responsibility gives you peace. In that when "he/she smiles, your world is alright"  --(that quotation is from a movie lol) ........ and when your partner feels exactly that way for you and you have a confirmation in your heart.   -- I got the bulk of this definition from a young Adults' conference I went to

-- Just wanted a chance to throw it out there lol. But there will be times in a loving relationship where you forget this, when your lover just annoys you, or when it feels like you can't place what you are doing wrong, when love won't be enough to save the relationship. There are other factors that help to keep a strong healthy relationship.

  • Mutual Likeness and Respect: Yes! You need to like each other naturally, as friends. You definitely need friendship in your relationships. You need to understand the meaning of sacrifice and being there for each other, not as lovers, but as friends. The fact that they are especially special, it should not feel like stress when you need to go an extra-mile. You should cos you want to be there as a friend. Respect goes a long way too. 

  •  Patience and Understanding: Ha! This one is so important. You need to learn when to react or shut up. Need to know when to over-look things. You also need to really know the person, soo much that no one else can describe them more than you. Understanding your partner and  his/her needs helps to save a lot of headaches in relationships. 

  • Communication and Trust: The fact that you overlook things doesn't mean should not communicate. Key word: COMMUNICATE, the hearer is listening, and the talker is actually passing a message across. Communication strengthens understanding your partner. You need to trust your partner too, I really do not understand how a relationship can work without mutual trust.
I also believe that many young couples (crazy about each other) run into marriage without thinking of some factors outside of love that might cause trouble like 10, 15 or 20 years into the marriage,  Don't say that's too faar into the future, almost everything to me is an investment so I look at the long-term more than the short term. 

So before you say "I DO" think about the following:

  • Personal Goals: If I meet a guy that I am absolutely in love with and he tells me he plans to work in the military. My dear readers, it won't work. I respect people who serve their countries and I respect their families EVEN MORE! But I  can't be worrying day and night worried about how my man is. I can't be having sleepless nights.  Another example, if a man I love sees his wife to be a full-time house wife, abeg! I am not his. I will be bored to death. To be honest, there are somethings we can not compromise.  So talk about your personal long-term goals, not as a couple but as a single person. If it's something you can't deal with, my dear, save yourself the trauma now.

  • KIDS: Oh yes! not everyone should have kids and not everyone wants to. So does this guy or girl want children. This thing causes a lot of wahala. Don't go thinking you will/ you can change their minds about it. Some people would rather water their love for you and build their careers as well instead of having kids. If you want some and he or she does not, there is no point.

  • Family and the relationship with the family: I went there! So if his/her family hates you, and your partner is one who will take his/her family's words over any other, even when it is not logical to do so, I think you should rethink. It's worse if your partner can't defend you, or help them accept you. I know that most times, families are a working progress but watch your partner's reactions to it. If he/she won't defend you now,  it will be hard to defend you when you are finally married. If it is something you can cope with fine! but if not, talk to your lover, maybe you both can think of ways to get you to have a better relationship with the family, maybe your partner can bend a bit to save your relationship.

  • The Holy Spirit: I believe that the reason why we have lots of christian marriages failing is because people were so impatient that they did not wait to hear from God. They mistook confirmation with the flesh with confirmation with the spirit. and because people are not ready to persevere anymore.  So the fact that you both genuinely love each other doesn't mean he/she is the one. Also, it doesn't mean another person will not love you even more. What if God wants you to date this person to learn one or two things from him, things to prepare you for the right one. An older friend said to me once that one might have a beautiful relationship that might go to south but we do not know weather that relationship is to help make way for someone else in like 20 years. There is a reason for everything and in as much as we might not understand why somethings happen the way they do, it is better to listen to the voice of God. If you do not have peace in your spirit about your relationship, it is better to pray about it and let God direct you, and to do what he has said you should. At the end, ALL THINGS  work together for good to them that love thee.

So yes, love is not enough, we need more! Love is like the foundation, it is like the seed you plant. But the other factors are the nutrients, the water and  the sunshine that makes it grow and makes it stronger. So much that even When winter comes, and The strong wind blows be it a tornado or hurricane, you will still stand strong.

With this I leave you with this song,which will be one of the songs that will play at my wedding... one of the ones I and my MR. Right will dance to first as MR& MRS lol (p.s. I have no ring or plans yet but I definitely know what songs will be playing haha)    

Olomi -- By Tosin Martins

Have a Lovely Weekend Guys!
Strawberry Kisses
Abi Tobi