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Sunday, July 22, 2012

I want ...

There are a few things I want to do
Running away from who I am? no
Dying to my values and standards? no

Wishful thinking--- that for a moment, a day or two
My sense of carefulness sleeps; goes on a journey
That maybe I might enjoy what my neighbor does
that my carefulness stops being fear

I want to close my eyes and feel the world
the beauty and beauty of it
I want to lose myself to happiness
That I may never be found without full peace

I want the storm in my heart be still
That I hear myself think
 I want to go on a journey
meet diverse people
dance to a new song
--I want my own beautiful journey
God's own plan for me

I want her to look in my eyes
and believe the truths in my heart
that I won't bring shame..
I want her to know I can be the best
and I would...

I want to walk on the streets
-- a hand of blessing
-- an avenue for smiles
I only want love, genuine love in my heart

I want people to see
that my silence might not mean hatred,
or malice or an avenue to ignore
It is sometimes a path to find myself..
to re-connect to who I should be

I want to be understood...
at least at the minimum...