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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I want to say a special thank you to all my readers who stayed even though I went MIA... to all people I follow who did not stop writing cause I had been missing  :p ... I love you! 

and to someone who reminded me of how much I love blogging, who encouraged everyday to start blogging again, .. you know who you are, and you are always a blessing to me.

It has been about 3 months before I blogged on Sunday .. Saying I was busy isn't an excuse at all... see we all find that "excuse" easy to throw around.. so no, I won't say that... I can't say I know why I went MIA but I can say I almost had no place in my head for myself.. I was almost lost for a while (and no, I am not crazy!) 

But I missed writing, I missed the ability of clearing my head, the way it makes me feel, I miss the eagerness to read "soo and soo's " blog, what they had to say about certain things... I missed the blood that rushes through my veins, anxious to know if I am delivering to readers... I missed the blog-ville community, the "advisers" "sweet-hearts" "opinionated" "fun" "fashion-bloggers" "pastor-Miss's, Mrs and Mr's" ... I missed you all...

But What I missed the most is running to my computer to offload thoughts in my head (there for days, or weeks or months) that clears my mind. I missed having a path to be a bit sane-- (no! I am not crazy (-___-) it is my way of letting out the extrovert in me...

I won't say I won't go MIA again... but I hope not anytime soon...

mucho amor

Strawberry kisses**

Abi Tobi

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I want ...

There are a few things I want to do
Running away from who I am? no
Dying to my values and standards? no

Wishful thinking--- that for a moment, a day or two
My sense of carefulness sleeps; goes on a journey
That maybe I might enjoy what my neighbor does
that my carefulness stops being fear

I want to close my eyes and feel the world
the beauty and beauty of it
I want to lose myself to happiness
That I may never be found without full peace

I want the storm in my heart be still
That I hear myself think
 I want to go on a journey
meet diverse people
dance to a new song
--I want my own beautiful journey
God's own plan for me

I want her to look in my eyes
and believe the truths in my heart
that I won't bring shame..
I want her to know I can be the best
and I would...

I want to walk on the streets
-- a hand of blessing
-- an avenue for smiles
I only want love, genuine love in my heart

I want people to see
that my silence might not mean hatred,
or malice or an avenue to ignore
It is sometimes a path to find myself..
to re-connect to who I should be

I want to be understood...
at least at the minimum...