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Monday, April 9, 2012

If I could re-do Post Secondary Part 2

If I could re-do post secondary,
I would right my wrongs
yes, live it perfectly well

but perfection comes with little lessons
with my regrets, I have my smiles;
intellectually and emotionally, I have grown

I have learned that plans will fail you
That people will forsake you
and all your ambitions might not be

I have learned to study myself
understand that flexibility is key
that my planned career might not be mine
and that if I fail in somethings,
it is for direction

I have learned to be strong
to smile in the midst of sad marks
sad situations
to buckle-up.

I have learned to see the smart in everyone
no one is soo stupid
everyone has a light in him/her.

Post secondary is not all about grades
it's everything.
Pass through your school
Let your school pass through you.

I have learned that in school,
your grades shouldn't be the number 1 motivator
Your thirst for knowledge should
for with understanding,
You will excel

though, I wish I could turn back time
I have little regrets
There are lessons learn't


  1. Like they say, "experience is the best teacher"....

  2. true talk. school and knowledge are two different things.

  3. this is wonderful! really enjoyed reading it

  4. a true expression of 'lovely and touching' in one piece
    a true lesson and guide for what reflection should be
    a masterpiece that suggests an heart that must be good at been positive
    an exquisite collection that has its place with efforts that usually result from many great minds and thoughts
    lines on which hope can truly rely

  5. Very true... even in regrets, lessons are embedded. For he who fails to learn will walk the same path again and again!

    True, "perfection comes with little lessons"

    - LDP

  6. yea! yea!! I enjoyed it to bits, and its very true that everything truly does happen for a reason

    first time here and am loving your blog.


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