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Monday, April 9, 2012

If I could re-do Post Secondary Part 2

If I could re-do post secondary,
I would right my wrongs
yes, live it perfectly well

but perfection comes with little lessons
with my regrets, I have my smiles;
intellectually and emotionally, I have grown

I have learned that plans will fail you
That people will forsake you
and all your ambitions might not be

I have learned to study myself
understand that flexibility is key
that my planned career might not be mine
and that if I fail in somethings,
it is for direction

I have learned to be strong
to smile in the midst of sad marks
sad situations
to buckle-up.

I have learned to see the smart in everyone
no one is soo stupid
everyone has a light in him/her.

Post secondary is not all about grades
it's everything.
Pass through your school
Let your school pass through you.

I have learned that in school,
your grades shouldn't be the number 1 motivator
Your thirst for knowledge should
for with understanding,
You will excel

though, I wish I could turn back time
I have little regrets
There are lessons learn't