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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today is a NEW day

I woke up this morning,
a little reluctant to get off my bed
hugging my blankets
and hitting the snooze off

and I remembered yesterday,
that I had been cheated,
heart broken, looked-down on,
hurt, taken for granted...
and that I cried

So I turned around,
and tried to sleep my pains away
but I felt pain in my heart..
Felt like today will be like yesterday.

Then, my heart whispered to me,
reminded me that today is another day
brand new for a new purpose
Reminded me that if God is for me
Who are the cheaters, liars, or "judges" ?

My spirit told me the importance of today;
to prove myself, to myself.
I am who I believe I am.
I am also who God says I am.
It's up to me.

So, I got up and set new rules
I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason
That every hurt comes with a lesson;
they are to make me better
not to make me stop, give up or grumble

That people who disapprove of me do not matter
and there is a new movie out there I can watch
and a new dance I can learn
and a joke that will make me cry from laugher

and that I have beautiful dreams,
that my story had just begun
and it will be beautiful.


  1. Hmmmm, the freshness of a new day and the hope it brings along with it

  2. "I am also who God says I am"....exactly....the importance of a new day is what makes life worth living..knowing that we all have a purpose!..nicely written boo...
    My people would contact your people. :D