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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Music: My Soul Medicine

The fastest way from planet earth
taking me anywhere I want to be
Means of transportation across all emotions

Whether high or low
I find a place in you
For God made you my gift

Allowing me to dance away my pains
Immersed in my feelings
Happy or sad.....
Rhythm to my soul 

Spiritual healing, spiritual growth
the deepest way to express love to my Savior
to dance to him, to jump to him

And when my soul feels lost or alone
I find a message in you
Feed my mind with your messages
[ GODLY messages that is]
My fastest way to feel hope

My soul medicine
God created you for me
To make me know I can enjoy life
that I can dance like no one is watching
and love as deep as HE loves me
 and I will feel pain but find healing

Music is a blessing to humanity from God
To help us express all our emotions
or relax our souls..........♥       


  1. I like this...very nice piece! Well written and descriptive! :)

  2. music certainly holds the key to my heart!

  3. Music can sometimes be therapeutic

  4. well written...I enjoyed reading, I love good music too.

  5. thanks for your comments guys :)

  6. Very well said...I like to also think of music as that proverbial music soulchild:~)
    Nice blog by the way.