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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If I could re-do Post Secondary Part 1

If I could do it all over
I would move out of  home in my first year
Be more organized, study ahead of time

If I was given my years back
I would try new things
Run for a position in school
a lil' bit of college politics

I would invest in more volunteer hours,
meet more people
and attend more social events

If I was given another chance
I wouldn't miss any class.....
....for a "lazy" reason
I would burn more night candles

If I could do it over again
I would move out of home
Invest in the school-life experience
Find my customized study techniques
and not copy someone else's
Let go of my fears
and enjoy the ride a little more .....


  1. More reason to start living life now, and all that...no regrets!

  2. If i could rewind time, i would be less of an Efiko good girl and spread my wings a bit more! Hmm, I get tempted to wish I Could rewind time by since we can't..we have to live for today!!! Great post!

  3. i would be less of an Efiko good girl and spread my LEGS a bit more .....HAHAHA