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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are you Asking Why?

Hi blogsville! my life has been up and down.. literally :( but how are u guys doing? I miss miss blogsville and am looking forward to read all the amazing topics you all have posted!... :D

Anyways, today, I was thinking of people who wait for a miracle and feel like they are waiting in vain. And people who struggle soo much but still believe somehow that there is a father up there who will make a way for them. And in some situations, things start to get worse. and suddenly, it starts to feel like God is purposely closing his ears to your prayers, like nothing will ever get better. 

and then I stumbled on this song "Are you listening" and it lifted my spirit .... It just reminded me that I am not alone and that you are not alone  

So please don't give up on God, he has not given up on you. He is only preparing a much better story for you..... whether you lost your loved one, trying to get a job, lost a job, in poverty, ill, need answers on questions, just can't figure out life or whatever it might be... Don't give up... keep believing...


  1. And somehow she manages to say the one thing I need to hear badly right now....:). Thanks for reminding me....

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing this post. I am at a point in deciding whether to hold on or give up.

  3. hey hey. i think i lost track of ur blog. glad to have finally found it again :)

  4. aww Nd and iloloa am glad this touched you guys *hugs*

    @MsInfamous thanks... sorry I don't post/ read as frequently as I used to... I needed sometime off will be back in full soon :)

  5. wow! the song is powerful! thank you God! :) Abi thanks so much for sharing this!