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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year................

Happy New Year Blogsville! I know it will be an amazing year....

A few things I am going to incorporate in this year:

  • No more sitting and complaining: a thankful heart goes a long way. I learnt recently that God feels encouraged to bless us more when we are grateful with the little we have even though they fell below expectations. A thankful heart can't be faked. It comes from within
  •  To take hold of every good opportunity that comes my way. I was assessing myself and I realised that somethings have passed me by because I was sacred of the unknown, or because my parents were not in total support. All my fault. It's all going to change this year
  • I will finally sign up for a dance class and or a yoga class
  • I will have a fun-filled vacation
  • To wait and listen to God, to learn to recognise when he speaks. Seriously, I am not the best Christian on the block. I have my flaws, I sin and sometimes disobey. I just want to be able to listen, to know his plans, and for the grace to walk in that part. For wisdom to deal with it and to learn to enjoy it.
  • I am going to stay happy and positive no matter what. At least I will try :)
  • Am done Undergrad this year people!!! I really wanna move away from this city. I want a job away from here.. God will help us

2012 will be great. I pray for Nigeria and Congo. I pray God fights for the citizens and take away all the greedy, self- absorbed leaders! For restoration and for God to turn and heal our lands.. Amen

Have a wonderfully awesome 2012.

Abi Tobi <3


  1. I pray that this year will be a great one for you.

    Congrats on your impending graduation

  2. It shall be a blessed 2012 for you!!

  3. You should try Zumba...Dancing, sweating plus burning calories! happy new year!