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Friday, November 11, 2011

Updates :)

Feels like I abandoned my blog :( NO! I did :'(... I have been crazy busy for the past months.... I will say I have had busier semesters but this one sucks my time in a way I can't explain

How are you all doing? I am very well... learning day by day...  If you remember a few months ago I was crying about the ugly breakouts that refused to leave lol... well, they are clearing up!

What I have been doing/I do?

  • I stopped using my foundation, threw out all my face-care products.. well, the pimples (or irritation) became painful and hard but I needed time to figure it out
  • I called my friend who is a sales rep for MaryKay.. I got the 3 in 1 TimeWise cleanser for sensitive skin, the blemish control (toner) and the MarKay foundation
  • Then I used the washer and toner every morning and night
  • I also got Vichy facial scrub that I use once in a while (it's cheaper --- go figure!)
  • I have seen huge improvements. I stopped the toner about 2 months ago and I still see positive results
  • I break out more when am stressed or when it is my time of the month but they fade out quickly
  • I moisturize so my skin isn't too dry :)

Please stay tuned to my next blog post am writing about the "realities of an immigrant" or "what people don't know about immigrants" or "the covered truths of immigrants" (not sure of what to call it yet) basically about people who LEGALLY moved from say a 3rd world country to a strong economic country like Canada.

After that I will write about other reasons people prefer to wait till marriage before having sex, its benefits and how difficult it might be


  1. bimsy hun,
    glad the products are working out for u. ..cant wait for your immigrant write up thingy...i think il be tempted to write one too...realities of an american immigrant..hehe..write urs already...i wanna c this

  2. Glad to know you're doing good. And, 'yay' for your face clearing up. Yayyy! :)