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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


P.S. I drafted this around Summer I  really don't know why I never published it tho

Hello blog-lovers!! How are y'all doing?

Like never, I will explain this poem before typing away... It will be the first time am putting it down, but I know exactly how it will go. It will be simple, short and clear. It's about the human mind, doubts, fear and our insecurities.

Disclaimer: This poem isn't about me- as almost all the time-.

Longing all night,
wondering if he still cares?
Why come home drunk tonight?
It is our anniversary
Why not wait for me
We used to together
Am I no longer fun?

Was that a kiss of denial
Like Judas, Is he selling me lies with a kiss?
Why tired of me now?
should it always be about me?
How I feel?
What about him?

I rant and cry
Get mad and walk away
If he cares he will come
But did he  really do anything wrong?
Was he right for staying away?
Do I  call or not?
Will I look desperate if I did?

Am not insecure
I just want to be sure

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