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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Don`t go looking

I don`t know if I have written this before.... but I think I should address an issue. I seem to meet many young people who `go about looking for a relationship` .... I mean, who dream and dream everyday about being with someone who loves them, like making it almost the purpose of their existence. I know it is a wonderful thing and feeling when you meet a special person who feels same as you, but one thing you shouldn`t is `go looking`

Why not?
  • It looks very thirsty, like you would settle for anything or anyone, and you begin want a relationship not the person. 
  • Especially for girls, you get too carried away when a crush is around that you don`t do you
  • You forget that you can make friends with the opposite sex. Every man or woman that becomes friendly with you will become interested in your eyes. People want to meet new people, people want to make friends.  If it turns out they like you good BUT don`t assume
  • you might start to forget how special and loved you are
  • You might start to settle for less.. there`s nothing wrong with bending the rules but not completing putting them off... Let people work to have you, then you can work to keep them
  • You might forget or decide not to pray about it

 What to do?
  • Have an open mind
  • Go out and have fun. Make friends. I hate it when I go out and people start to get snobbish to others. Like if you want to be ``high and mighty`and sexy. Stay home. If you wanna have a party, talk and, or dance with people. 
  • Don`t forget who you are and what you want
  • Remember that not every girl or guy that flirts with you wants you. You might be fun to flirt with  or might be good at it too :)
  • Recognize an opportunity. If you like him or her and can tell they do too, give it a try
  • Be mature about things.. Don`t try to justify everything or give an excuse for everything
  • Don`t go into a relationship for its sake. It will make you unhappy. --- be in touch with what your heart and head are telling you
  • Don`t ignore a potential good relationship for the wrong reasons either. Your friends or family won`t be in it with you.
  • Pray about it 
  • Have an open mind
  • Don`t forget who you are and your standards

The last three, first and 3rd are very important.

Much Love,
Abi Tobi


  1. *sighs* If only a lot of people get to read and believe this! My fav part: you can be just friends with the opposite sex. This issue has singularly lead to tons of misunderstanding and image tainting in my current vicinity! Smh......

  2. Also, a desperate man or woman draws the wrong attention. You're asking for something you will eventually wrong away from. "Keep it real!" Be honest, be true to yourself; and the right person for you will definitely come your way! :)

    You did a very good job. You've given valuable and useful advice. Thanks for sharing.


  3. You wrote have an open mind a couple of times, and that is so important. Lovely article.

  4. "Don't ignore a potential good relationship for the wrong reasons" Hmmm.. that is deeper beyond description. People let great potential mates go by based on standards they've developed in their minds. Keeping an open mind will open a lot of doors.... Great Post!

  5. An open mind is always key, as long as we aren't o open minded that we let our brains fall off lol.