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Friday, October 14, 2011

What's the media doing to YOU?

how is everyone doing?  I have been soo busy since school started, that's why I have been  MIA

Anyways, this morning, one of my friends posted something on facebook posted below 

I wouldn't lie that the media hasn't affected me one way or the other. it's one of the reasons why I check up on my make-up and hair like every 3 hours or why even though am skinny, I worry that am getting fat or my bum is growing too big. It's one of the reasons why as a girl, your parents won't trust you, or believe you why they believe you are definitely doing wrong and why your brothers can do what they like. It's why some boys walk up to you and say crap... why they get soo rude the first time they meet you.

It's the reason why many girls believe sexy= slutty ... that they have to show ALL the skin to get attention. It works sometimes cuz media has shaped both the female and male brains to this. It's why sex sells soo soo fast! and  why every 3rd person on my twitter account tweets sex like all the time. It's why people believe that to keep their relationships, they have to have sex and soon too... look at those movies. they make u believe that if a man isn't trying to sleep with you after the first 3 dates, he is prolly gay or not interested. It's why people still believe men are smarter, more in control and women are softer and too emotional. it's why some random 17 year old will say "oh, yeah, women prefer to driven around they don't wanna drive".... 

The list goes on.  

well... the media affects us in a lot of ways especially a technology crazy generation like ours. God did not create women to be slaves or subordinates, he did to complete men... without a woman there can NEVER be a man. it's the truth. God created women to help, to fill in all the spaces the man can't, to be the manager, to multi-task, to complete not to be a slave. the media mostly says the woman is there for sex and to look good. That wasn't God's idea and I definitely don't support the "background" image.

 Let's try to filter what we take in, control what we watch, see and listen to.. the media has a lot of good but  be careful not to be blind to the negative effects. it has shaped our generation's thinking process to a particular direction that might affect us greatly in future


  1. Love it! :)God created us in his image and likeness so we're beautiful no matter what! :)

  2. Some of the things you mentioned on this post goes with what my Pastor said today. He said..."don't let ITT (Internet, Television, and Telephone) control you." Media has a way of drawing more people closer to it. Be just has to be careful with what we watch, see, look at. By God's grace, at the end of the day, we'll know whats right from wrong.

    Thanks for sharing this! :)


  3. Seeing ourselves thru God's eyes is more KEY

    Thanks :)

  4. The media, and more specifically, the internet, influences kids these days even more than their parents do. sad but true :(

  5. Media is definitely a strong influence on us; wether we agree or not. Good post n thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!