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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I want to

Soak myself in a hot tub, 1 hour or more drinking cocktails and strawberries..... drinking my stress away

Get myself all the things I don't deserve (diamonds, stocks, dresses, shoes, stocks) everything 

I want a treat at the spa.... my muscles feeling relaxed....

I want to get that job I don't qualify for, get those marks I hardly earned (which is hardly true) I work for every darn mark/cent and more

I want to travel away.. somewhere with warmth and fresh air with laughter and love all around

For people to understand me... okay, not really... I careless

I just want to be ontop, want my hard work to earn me something valuable.... I want to be glad I tried not regret I did in the first place.. 

I want to be stress free ......  just want all these stress out 


  1. wow I think I am on the same thinking side as u.

  2. u got an award missy, check my blog