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Monday, September 19, 2011

Justifying Rape??

Twitter! Twitter! Twitter! it's one of the lame-est things I am involved with... okay, not really, it's just some of the people.  Before now, some people seemed pretty cool until I read how they view the world and in amazement I have my jaw dropping. It's sad mostly because I know 97% of people I follow in real life and sometimes argh!

Okay, why am I sooo "touchy" ? what's biting me, right?  what I read on twitter this morning was just the height!!!!  The news I read about a Nigerian student who got raped by 5 guys and some people on twitter trying to justify it, saying things like "some girls deserve to be raped,"  "you know, it is sometimes the girl's fault" or "how can she dress like that and not expect it?"

oh really? like seriously it's sooo sad that educated people in this age and time still want to justify something sooo wrong. I am just too weak to even argue. I just feel unsafe with the mentality of many Nigerian men and it is even worst that some girls/women agree with them, it is almost like they have a portion of their brains replaced with grass or something. And then, they share videos and laugh about it .. how is it funny? like what the hell is funny about putting sooo much pain on another?

Many victims are already ashamed of the situation, why should people make them feel like it's their fault. I will say it again and again... anyone who forces another to have sex is a dog and deserves to be castrated whether or not he believes that it is  the victim's fault.  Like I said I am too weak to argue or explain.

rape is a crime and punishable by law... some people get life imprisonments so don't get it twisted! I still don't understand why castration is not the punishment yet tho...  Silly minded individuals trying to justify the pain and emotional trauma imposed on others.

*breathes out* lol


  1. Trust me...I was pretty appalled by the reports about what people had to say! Sucks that such primitive and depraved thinking thrives still esp back home! I hope those guys get caught and get rehabilitated but since such facility hardly exists back home...they should be hanged. I do object at the castration part tho...mainly cos I've been hearing of decapitated P parts by angry wives. It makes my imagination bleed! looooool!

  2. Fortunately, the people I follow on twitter are sensible.
    As for those lame commentators, it only means that if they find themselves in the same situation, the will also do the same thing those guys did. This only goes to show what is in the hearts of men. It is events like this that truly exposes people's mindsets

  3. @Nd yay! u still visit my blog :) loool @ ur imagination it's just the best punishment I can think of

  4. @ilola I know right! people are just wicked ... it's just a few people I follow I have a number of normal thinking people lol

  5. It's just sad when u listen to crap like that :( ..rape can never EVER be justifiable. On the other hand, some people on twitter spew forth rubbish just for the shock factor even though they probably know it really is "BS".
    What's your twitter handle? :) x