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Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Now??

So I realise that I can go on and on and on about some topics or gists, but I get too sensitive to talk about the LOVE of Christ to people. Maybe too shy, maybe too scared. But it is no excuse. First of all, the number 1 reason why I want to tell people about HIM is because of them and no other reason. Especially those I am close to..

I thought of some of my closest friends, those who don't know Christ or do not even believe there is a God. And I felt like I have been somewhat selfish. If I truly love them, why haven't I found the courage to sow a seed in their hearts?? I say I care about them and I want the best of them, but I feel scared to let them in, in the only way I know. If there is anything I know for sure it is that most of these people let me in on their "tricks,"  why haven't I mine?

I think it is because I do not want them to feel like am imposing or as if am judging or like I know better than them. Those are definitely not my intentions.

I don't understand why I am just realizing these, I feel like I only just became born-again in April, 2011. That's how I feel.. like I was lying to myself all these time. Why am I just understanding what my mom has been reading to me all my life? or those messages that have been hammered in my heart all those days at Sunday School? I am beginning to understand why people need to be reminded that they are loved and there is someone up there they can call... who ALWAYS answers.... The other day, my parents where talking about someone my dad knew who killed himself. and my heart told me it's because we Christians are not doing enough. If someone knows for sure that God won't leave them, they won't kill themselves.

If you are Christians how do you start off telling others about Jesus? or do you even? do you have my excuses?

Anyways, here are few things to remember:
  • Mercy says NO! Mercy doesn't consider your sins, it comes  with grace. However, we should not continue doing those things that we ought not to. This is just a reminder that once you have confessed and you are repentant God has forgiven you and expects you to move on
  • Holiness is NOT religion!! Am tired of people being all religious like it's politics or some sort of science. NO!  It should be about your personal relationship with your creator and how you fellowship with him, grow in him, and grow to love him. Not about showing-it-off !!!... the bible says "let your light shine before men"... it never said let your lights shine in their eyes!!
  • We often forget to ask God what we can do for him. We go on and on asking him for how we can be better for own selves. Forgetting relationships go both ways


  1. Hmmmm, Self-realization is a good thing. It is good that you understand now, better late than never. You have also reminded me of our primary duty as Christians. thanks

  2. nice post! i also need to take a cue from u

  3. thanks ilola and Kitkat

    Kitkat, u r Back! am glad.. I miss ur random posts :(

  4. Thanks for sharing this post...I have been exploring some these thoughts as well. Ilola is right self-realization is a good thing :)