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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Please Pay Attention

If you have never been depressed, or don't know what it is like to feel hopeless, stop judging those who are there or who have been. The least you can do is give a hand and be there, or least pray for them. I know my culture (the Nigerian culture) thinks depression is a joke, or some mental disease. It keeps people in denial, people are afraid to accept it and find a way out. This particular write-up is not going to be organized, it will be all over the place, just pick out what you can.

In some of our communities, people might laugh when someone starts acting cold and withdrawn, they are like "she is going crazy" or "she dey kolo just leave am" ... Hells no! That's not the time to leave it is the time to show as much love as you can. I understand that it's hard to keep coming forth to some1 who shuts you out but the lil' things like calling to "check on them" and praying for them helps. We NEED to wake up and start reading in between the lines, if someone who was lively, happy etc just begins to act weird it's depression or might be entering depression 101. So pay attention, if you are one of those who thinks depression is a joke wake up, and pay attention. One of the reasons why more people are commiting suicide in our communities is because we take these things for granted, people around are not paying enough attention. Am not saying they don't care, but people need to pay more attention.

Anytime, I hear the song 'Hello World' by Lady Antebellum I get a lil' teary.... It explains how someone can feel soo hopeless, or can't find a way out but still takes the courage at the peak of all the challenges to move on, and to press on. It touches me every time because at this point, the person is letting it all out to God, telling him to take control after trying too-hard to figure it out. It's not the point where things  are turning around, or when things seem like they will be fine, as I mentioned it's the peak of it all... but it is a start of a new thing. Changing the mindset goes a long way. It's appreciating those little things that we take for granted when it seems like the clouds have gone black...  when we "feel cold as steel broken like we are never gonna heal".... I believe it's strength, some people might even call you crazy, how can any sane human being with his/her life crumbling see light in the dark? believe that God is there and he would answer? especially when it feels like he shut his ears on you. It's hard. It is really hard! But I believe that's the start of everything new, I believe this kind of strength is power, gives God and you a control over your life.... seeing life through the positive even when it's serving you pain. It gives you power over those challenges, it is the point where they stop controlling you, and you start controlling them. It makes you think of a better way out. It allows you to allow God do his work. Remember "You shouldn't tell God how big your problem is, tell the problem how BIG your GOD is" ....

I don't know if this means anything to anyone tho, and I don't know if it's making sense, but like I explained in the beginning it isn't organized, most things I write are usually pre-planned in my head (at least). This wasn't. I just want us all to wake up read between the lines, reach out to friends, families, acquaintances or even "haters" that might be in  this situation. Don't go and tell them "you r depressed" lol, but show more love.


  1. depression is really serious. Noone shld make light of it..nice post mami :)