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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PLEASE HELP ME :( ... I want my skin back :'(

I could cry right now... my so beautiful skin is changing and really bad too; I really don't know how it began or what am doing wrong... I think am typing exactly as I would speak about it am soo sad :(  .. This is a plea for help, seriously, I just want to get my skin back

It started when I started applying foundations-- so like in 2008 or so, but it was okay not bad still. Break-outs came (like 1-3 small ones) from time to time but my foundation covered it all up. I used to use the:
  • Maybelline Mineralized foundation.
I don't remember reacting to it at all... I still had a moderately good-facial skin. Then in 2009, I think November or December I started with
  • Mac
I changed because eventhough Maybelline was good, it was really messy, I hate that it used to stain my table and carpet (sometimes)  and that was just stress... People mentioned that Mac suited them really well and all so I deeped in. Oh yeah, that's when I started breaking out but I could cover it up, my face did not feel discolored or anything of the sort... I broke out more in seasons, like during pms and all. And I could deal with it.

In December 2010, I got this make-up box from a friend ( a good friend btw). It has all eye-shadow colors, blushes of different colors and all.. It was like a whole new world lol... since it is one of those things I won't buy but admire, I got really creative. I used colors, applied the blushes from time to time and all of that. I loved it!

But in February 2011, my skin began to fail ... like I was breaking out a lot and it was no longer seasonal. It was like all month-round. I began to panic. I shouldn't have. I wish I thought about what might have triggered it all... so I started asking around. People recommended  St. Ives, Vichy, Clean and Clear, some Natural skin care products and even Black soap... one at a time I tried almost alll of these products but It got worse...

Now I complicated issues because I really don't know what exactly my skin hates, all I wanted was to get rid of everything *sigh*  Oh I switched from Mac Studio fix to the Mineralized Mac in April. My facial skin is pretty oily, I talked to one of the people at Mac and she recommended it, it was okay, I even think there was an improvement. I  was using it with the black soap.. so I washed my face with the soap and applied my foundation.

But in May/ June my face became an explosion like people started asking me what was wrong :( ... It got really bad and the scars won't go *sigh* So I stopped it all. stopped everthing. I threw out the black soap. Stopped applying the foundation. Though I hated what my skin looked like I went out that way except for very very few occasions tho. This went on for like 2-3 weeks. But I had no improvement, it became worse.... at this point I was done!

So natural products din't work, and the best products did not either soo I called up my friend who is a MaryKay Beauty Consultant. And she advised on products. I started using MaryKay in June I think and I got the washer, toner and foundation ... I would admit that there has being some improvement... But it's not steady, it would look really good today and in 3 days I ll see a big pimple or new ones developing. Then early this month, I had food allergies all over my body including my face. They don't know what I reacted to. I did a blood work and I am absolutely fine.. all they said was it's something I ate.

and also, I was my face morning and night and I moisturize it too....

Am soo tired... I never used to have break-outs and I hate that it's stressing me out. Please I need serious help. I need my beautiful skin back like seriously. Right now, I have like 3 new big painful pimples on my face.. will post a picture sometime....

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE??? AS ANYONE GONE THROUGH THIS? I think it all started from the blushes but apparently my face doesn't accept creativity very well... it created on me instead :( ...

Again, this is a plea from a tired sister looking for her beautiful skin :(


  1. Eya, this is my own story, but I have been told mine is hormonal just that it manifests like 3 weeks(week b4 period, during period and the week after, Lol) in a month so I have only one week of break. People have advised I use birth control cause its "hormonal", but I nor do--id just wait in frustration till something else comes out that is not birth control

  2. Awww. Sorry to hear about this girl. Well, I dont' really know how to advise you about this issue because I don't really have problems with acne, pimples or breakouts (only during the time of the month...which is minor breakouts).

    Well, as for me, I use olive oil, milk, tone on my face. I use the milk to clean my face, wet a face towel with warm water and clean my face. Then I apply olive oil...massage it onto my face and neck for some minutes. Then, wet a face towel with warm water, and use that to clean my face. After that, I use a cotton ball to apply toner unto my face, let it dry, and then apply moisturizer. That's my routine as for now. When I discover new methods, I try them.

    Also for foundations, don't try it because it works for others. Your skin is different. You should do research before buying different products. So, you don't end up wasting your money.

    I used to us foundation and powder, but for some months now I stopped. I have oily skin just like you, that's why I stopped. Now, I only use eye-make-up...like, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss.

    I think if you keep your facial routine simple, things might change. But, do your research.

    Sorry for the long comment! P.S...I think natural products are the way to go! :)


  3. Sorry about this, I feel your pain cos I have gone through it in the past. Fortunately, I was able to discover the issue, it was my hair cream. odd abi? I was applying pears baby oil on my hair and it made me break out. Nothing I did for almost a year ever worked for me, till I stopped using it. So check every possibility. After I found out, Mary Kay then did the remaining magic and that is what is working for me now.
    Since it has started working for you, maybe you should stick with it and see what happens for a while

  4. Awwww i just want to give you a big hug! you'll be fine baby girl :)
    i know exactly how u feel cos i have break-out issues.. i dnt even use a lot of make-up, i only use eye-makeup :(
    i'll advice you to use very few products on your face.. consider neutrogena products and clean&clear.
    Also wash your face regularly, ood luck! :)

  5. Aww... sorry about that. I would advice you to stop all these products for now and look for any aloe vera cream and see if that will work. Good luck.

  6. awwww thank you all for all for ur suggestions... am just soo frustrated lol... I even considered going to see a dermatologist lol x_x

  7. Aw dear,sorry.It's unfortunate i can't help because this is a gurlie issue.Well,with the comments you've gotten,i'm sure things will look up.

  8. Hey! My skin used to suffer like this in the summer time, to keep acne breakouts at bay i used benzoyl peroxide 10%- you can get it at the CVS, walgreens etc
    10% is strong and it will dry your face out but after using it morning and night for one week you should see a big difference, make sure you moisturise after using it too.

    I would advise you to stop using MAC products, there products are extremely thick.. making it harder for the makeup to come off


    i would suggest antibacterial cream too for your face, i.e thrush cream(canesteen) it will soften it and spots will not be cystic.

    For the scars something with hydroquinone but that is also something that can cause spots

    Forgive my spelling!

  9. lol thanks Splenda I appreciate ur advice

    @ a-9ja-great thanks I hope soo too.. tho I see lil' improvements :D

  10. Abi, I think that you will be best served by seeing a dermatologist.