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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Please Don't Leave Me!!

"Eric, Don't leave me, please don't go away, please you are all I have.. please"  She cries her eyes out and pleads as she lifts up her head to him clinging to his pants. He had done everything for her, but she just wants this chance... this very last chance to change, to turn around. He looks at her with anger but love in his eyes and at the top of his voice, "look at what you have done to yourself, I never wanted it like this.. I wanted more" He did not know how to feel anymore, a part of him wants to give her a hug. Wants to assure her that she will never be alone. The other part is totally fed-up. How can any sane man take all of these? How possible is it?

Eric works with J.P. Morgan Chase. One of Wall Street's hottest firms. He came to share his good news, he just got a promotion. But no, it has never being a good news with Tricia. She had passed out again. Drugs. Her life is dictated by drugs.. it's almost like that's all she looks forward to. She only got out of rehab 4 months ago, and moved to her own apartment 3 weeks ago..

There she was (after gaining consciousness) crying again. Tricia is full of regrets and can't stop crying. He had warned her! he promised to leave the last time but gave her the supposed last chance. She deserves every bit of action he will give. She knows it. Tricia hopes her brother won't leave. Her brother who is 5 years younger than she is. He provides for her, and does everything he can for her. His wife is a blessing to humanity, unlike other women, she never stops calling, she never stops helping her out.. so yes, Tricia knows deserves every bit of action they were going to do this time. But she clings tighter as the thoughts of her brother leaving gets clearer. It was like a reality check

Eric and Tricia lost their parents in a car crash about 10 years ago. Eric was only 18, Tricia  was 23. Eric and Tricia are from a good home with responsible parents. They are both graduates, but Tricia found "love", that's when the story began to change... Ecstasy and Marijuana are their names... It started to get really bad about 5 years after they lost their parents...  she lost her job, her boyfriend of 6 years "realized" she wasn't the marriage type so she got into a depressive state and turned to drugs for rescue...

Eric wants to teach a lesson, one or two. One that will remind her that she needs to be willing to give all these away. Will the world blame him for leaving today? What if she over-doses after he leaves? what if it will be the reason she kills herself? BUT what if she never stops? what if she never parts with this dreadful relationship she has being sunk into?

Eric draws his sister close and gives her a tight hug as he tries to decide.....

*** I really don't know the right thing he should do... what will you do if you were in Eric's Shoes? leave? stay? some other way to make her "wake up?" ***


  1. Wow awesome story, If I was the one, I'd take her to a rehab center, I'd make sure she's drug free before she leaves.

  2. I wont leave sha, Id help out the way I can but I will definitely have to use wisdom with the "help" cuz without it, the help may look like an encouragement to continue. *sigh* these matters get very twisted tho.
    Like Teboy, I guess putting her in a rehab center would be an option.

  3. i would help her by taking her to a very good rehab lol

  4. Thats a hard one o! Wld check her into a rehab...compulsory that she stays there for a whole year....

  5. I agree with taking her back to rehab.. d only thing to do is hope right?

    lol @Aseni a whole year? lool that should better work