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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kele Kele Love

I read Giagerry 's Kele Kele Love post and the post just made me laugh! With that and Tiwa Savage's song it makes you think..  people and their ways ehh?

so am gonna act like am naive and ask you guys. This time y'all will entertain me and I will be taking notes from you :p

Sooo...  what is your definition of kele kele love? what are the signs? I know you should flee.. trust me I have also had my fair share of it and it's not a bit fun or funny (until after the fact lol)

Is it only men/boys that "do" kele kele love? are women/girls users of it? say all you wanna say..

You can give examples and soo on.. ..



  1. LOL, i was so confused when i saw the title because I read Giagerry's post too and i thought i was at the wrong blog for a minute lol.

    Anywho, i think there are 2 kinds of kele kele love. The 1st being someone who is just very private person and won't be announcing their relationship to the world. They aren't trying to be malicious or play you, thats just how they are.
    The 2nd of course is someone who hides you from the world either because he doesn't want anyone knowing you all mess around or because he's not that into you. In this scenario, both reasons probably have something to do with the person wanting to or already messing around with another person.

    Its not just guys who do it. I know plenty of girls that have multiple men that they don't claim in public. I've played the game myself in the past.

  2. You can smell Kele kele love from afar...the moment you start questioning it, know thta it is kele kele love

  3. yea i agree with sisi yemmie. once u start having doubts, it's probably kele kele love,lol

  4. That phrase makes me laugh each time i hear it.Kele Kele love...hahahahahaha

  5. Lol @ sisi and smelling kele kele love!
    But like lady Ngo said tho, girls do it o! it is not a boy thing at all, maybe it was before but girls have caught up wella!
    And deres a diff btw a private person and one hu is into kele kele love--I bet u can figure which is which, well i hope! *giggles*

  6. hmmmm.... u guys are soo right except some people are way too paranoid... like they over analyze every darn thing lol..

    *Now wearing my kelekele love glasses* lol

    thanks y'all