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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drop the Rules ...

I fell in Love with Chris Brown after his Say Goodbye song. Dude is like a bunch of talents in a box. lol... I feel my love rekindling every time I watch the video lol *covers face*

 am sick of it all
 Love songs; cheese and cliches;
 Stories of heart breaks and pains
 Quiet for a bit
 let me hear myself speak

 No more sweet beautiful lies
 Let reality speak
 Let me feel fresh breeze on my face

 SShh... am sick of it all
 Let me hear myself think
 Let me hear you in my heart
 Stop the rules,
 They torment

 Start as friends
 and let things flow
 On the way,
 you will figure it out...

(... P.S. this is really not personal...  I just want a happy song that doesn't have a love story lol... love can't be as sad as many people paint it, and it can't be as perfect as the rest dress it up to be... It has two sides, and there is the balance... ) 


  1. You're right, there are two sides to love. :)

    Nice video too.

  2. i'm sick and tired of love :/ ..ever since the riri fiasco, i've never really loved chris brown as much :(

  3. love's like the sea, sometimes the tides are high at other times its just peaceful and blissful...

  4. lol @kitkat am not sick and tired of love... just the rules, and what pple make it out to be..... there's the balance always :p

    a-9ja-Great meee tooo! thanks Myne Whitman and P.E.T. Projects I agree with u :*