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Friday, August 5, 2011

Bestie ...

Sometimes, I wonder how I stick with my bestie or how she manages to take all of my "attitude" but I love her anyways. She's like my family, like literally, her family is like mine and mine is like hers. When I tell my parents am out with her they are soo fine with it and same with her family too... If am not her chief bridesmaid I will definitely KILL her! lol, joking she has a sister, and we are all close like that...myself and her will be sharing that position lol.

It's funny how two very different people can be soo close, yet she thinks am soo much like her. HELLS-to-the- NO! lol

So lemme introduce you to one of the people who make my boring life a little bearable. Well this girl is a village girl (literally) lol am playing oh! but am serious lol. she's the life of a party and can make friends in an instance, the way she starts conversations just amaze me.. me there, thinking of how not to say awkward things.. she just starts flowing lol *smh* soo she makes most of the friends and introduces me to them :p  Am that friend who will sit by herself and her phone in a corner, and she is that friend who drags me out of my comfort zone. Like in my head am using all these curse words and pleading to be left alone... but then I end up having soo much fun. lol

She doesn't care about anything, she just laughs out loud (literally) lol, and 100% herself wherever, whenever and with whosoever! she will dance in the streets even if everyone laughed at her.. see I won't do these, am a bit shy, I get all oh-so-crazy in my room and with my really good friends... and once in a while when out or when she makes me :(  (bully).

When my friend is in love trust me, she is definitely in-love, she puts in everything to keep her man and to love him. Not for her but for him. I think it's cute. Again, am shy, I give subtle messages, I feel like I shouldn't be giving all of my heart away or at least not soo soon (am saying soon, cos I haven't really lasted in a longterm anything before :$) ; I like to take my time, and I won't say it has always worked for me lol. So yes, sometimes she coaches me when I "don't know how to reply or what to say" and scolds me when I "front or just act mean or do those things I shouldn't be doing to someone am actually interested in." I admit, am a bit selfish, and a lil' scared about certain things, but hey... !

And I can like to act like am mad sometimes lol. Because she will just beg me (heheehhehe) its vice versa don't worry. But there are times when am pissed and she tells me to "go hit ur head on an electric pole" lol. How nice right? So true, we are not scared of telling each other the truth about anything; we scold each other often and it usually helps when someone let's you know when you are crossing the line whether with your life, someone else's or with a situation.

My friend likes to feel like one "BOSS" sometimes tho, when she is sinking, or down or needs help, the girl will be telling me that she is fine. FINE MY FEET! I don't understand how someone won't just allow people to help her, she acts like she can handle it all by herself. I hope she doesn't crash and burn oneday with this her boss-acting behavior.

Am a bit blunt. When am really pissed or irritated you would know. It shows! lol.... Sometimes, I feel like my friend is scared to let whoever she's mad at that he/she crossed the line (apart from me oh! the girl will just change face as if No o, u farted in her mouth *hissss*) ... There is a particular person whose name I won't mention but lives not too far from our city that I wish I met face-to-face. That person deserves some blunt talk and attitude in the brains, from me and my friend's sister. But nah, we are more than that. But seriously, if I could have, I would have.

She lives life as it comes, sometimes I do too.. but I like to plan, like to have a rough sketch of the future... I sometimes want to relax and let things be but something in my head makes me plan

And we are in public and "gisting" "hot-gist" and my friend gets sooo excited that her voice just gets loud lol... I have given up telling her to reduce her voice *smh*

And when her and some of our other close friends are there, spending hours on wedding pictures and dreaming about theirs and like pfff....Why will I spend hours on pictures and hours on pictures and hours analyzing them??? *confused* BUT sometimes I, her and those other friends, dream dreams lol.... those dreams about hot guys, those ones that will love us and will write songs/sing for/to us (lol that's mine!) ... those with sexy accents and gorgeous bodies, and sexy cars and  good jobs and with hearts after God's....  that will love us die!  *sigh* *dreams away* (okay! am done dreaming) But we all dream those dreams together

I love my bestie and she's more like a sister to me, she pisses me off sometimes, and she can be bit tooo-out-going or carefree, and we irritate each other often. But I gotta admit, people like me need at least one of her lol...  It's never a dull moment trust me!



  1. I love how I know who this bestie is! ;)

  2. I was just about to ask, do I know this bestie? She sure sounds like I do though!

  3. of cos u do lol.... there's only one bush girl like her in Canada lool.. j/k