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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

whatever You make it

Hey all! How is summer going?

Am pretty well, summer is very summer-ish.... EXCEPT for the mosquitoes in this city, o my gosh! they have finished me and am not even that fair but  I see pink all over  ughh!  Anyways, it's one of the very SERIOUS things that bother me :p

I was going through my facebook notes and I came across this note, I named it "Whatever you make it" ... I had posted it earlier today and then I deleted it .... but some people said they like it so I decided to re-post... I wrote in November last year..

Enjoy :)

"As I sat on my chair today, with a sip of drink, flow of thoughts run through my mind. My heart began to wonder; not balanced, not in place. I think of man. I think of other kinds of men. I look around me; I look around; I look into the heart of man through his eyes.

In some, I see joy and life. I see hope and a bright new day. I see them leaving their past, and moving on with a hope for tommorow.

 In others, I see agony and pain. I see deppression and darkness. I see lack of faith and hopelessness, i see tears and heart break. I see holding back and stagnancy. I see darkness and an empty heart.

And in some others what seems really dark and cloudy. With situations that tell them to give up, to stop breathing. But they don't give up! they walk heads and shoulders high like the breeze is fresh and relaxing.

And I look around me again, and see little children. A tender heart they have with forgiveness and genuine love.. With fear in their eyes but with belief that they can climb that mountain...

And in crawling babies; I see determination for they fall a thousand times but get up and never stop trying.

And I see life: as what you make of it
The ability to do wrong, learn your lessons and move on
To forgive yourself as well as others
To get up everytime you fall... to have a drive
To love; to love genuinely....."


  1. aww sorry about the mosquitoes. are u in lag? lovely poem as usual. its been a while! :p

  2. buhahahahahha! Mosquitoes in Alberta!! LoL---pele dear, I guess the Naija memories live on for u. LooooL!

  3. Eeya, sorry abour the mosquitoes o. Please, repell them with repellant.
    Nice write-up

    First time here and following. Please, check out my blog at atilola.blogspot.com

  4. Soo they got Beastly Mosquitoes in Canada.... i guess i know where im not visiting during the Summer.
    i never actually realized that the Wylclef video was about domestic abuse, i just really liked the song.
    btw nice post.

  5. ah mosquitoes sorry about that miss

    Great poem I like it

  6. @KitKat am not in lag, am in Edmonton but trust me these ones are worse than the one in Lagos :(

    lol @Giagerry, how nice of u to laugh at me lol I don't like these memories oo lol

    @ilola n @ ms. Yellow sisi Unspoken thanks for the complement :) and yes, I have this bug spray that I will literally drown myself in lol

    @lovelife4sale, noo Canada is cool o.. I just don't understand where these demons are coming from, I think they need to fumigate this city lol..

    I like that u paid attention to the video smartie, was a subtle message :) thanks.