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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Close your eyes
for a moment or two
Travel far away
Away from reality
to YOUR perfect world
That one that has all your dreams
Keep smiling.

Open your eyes
It's the real world
Reality won't always be your dreams
Truths don't lie
and reality never does...

We are lost in our dreams;
we dine, eat, and live in them
because reality is pain
too painful to bare...

... But it's real
we have to deal
Find a way out
out to where our dreams are
Or even something better...

with love,
Abi Tobi


  1. Yea I love this. So true! Sometimes you need to dream, and at other times, you need to remind yourself of what is real. A great balance between dreams and the reality is highly expedient.

    It's my first time here, I'm ffg your blog now.
    Here's mine http://janylbenyl.blogspot.com/