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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Somebody Else

I wish words would explain
I wish words were enough
It's all the words that are unborn

I find myself in all directions
Like a confused little child
and even when I ask
I get unknown answers

I wish I could fly as high
Faar above the clouds
I might need a little push

I close my eyes
and take a trip away from reality
at those times,
my dreams lift my mood
They take me away from .... 

I pretend I feel no hurts
I love it when I act so well

And when I want to get crazy,
I wish nothing ever holds me back
Even though I need my head in check

I want to let myself go
But I find that I hold back
At other times,
My name is spontaneous

I want a perfect world
But I remind myself
that boredom might eat me up
Challenges need work

At all times,
I want to be myself
Maybe with little changes,
and maturity
that will make me better
But never to be somebody else

Enjoy this song :D

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