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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Live it Loud

Hello Blog-lovers!! How are you all doing>??? I know I have been away for a while.. well, I have a busy life plus am lazy too lol.

If you follow me on twitter, or a friend on face book, or my friend in real life you are prolly tired of hearing about  the "Live It Loud" conference. It's a Redeemed young adults conference in Canada, and it runs for 4 days; young adults from various parts of Canada come together and bla bla... we learn, we have fun and we make new friends :D

So this year, it was absolutely wonderful. I danced like never before... met wonderful people and learnt a lot.. I also want a message bible (excuse you! I accept Summer gifts lol)...  Was soo good I din't feel like leaving I wish it ran for a few more days so but we all have lives outside of the program right?  *Sigh*

So here is to sharing a few things I learn't

  • Before you say "I DO" make sure you know what your primary responsibility will be in life. Apart from God, your new responsibility is to make sure (ENSURE) your partner is happy. Make sure you are ready to do anything right in your power to make them happy, grow and so on.. it's no longer about you it's about him or her. Now that's where I found the real definition of love. So, you want to make sure that he or she will do same for you. That he/she wants to ensure your happiness, growth, and that you are his/her primary responsibility (after God)

  • Never base your relationship with God on others' own relationship with him. Don't get me wrong, it's good to have a mentor, but at the same time you do not know what people do behind closed doors. The heart of man is very wicked and we need to be careful. When communicating with him use your own examples... like say "you healed me of headache, this is not too much for you." Don't say because your mentor decided to go "natural" you want to as well... lol., you are own your own o because when the "guys" stop coming err she won't help you o. Whatever you do let it be because of your relationship with God; between you and him not because of what other people are doing

  • Learn to forgive yourself, just soo you can move on. Sometimes, we just want to hit ourselves in the head because we messed up and we can't let go of it. Well, such is life, we all make mistakes.

  • Sometimes, because we do not forgive ourselves we  forget that God has forgiven us

  • Sometimes, God doesn't give us answers because we sorta kinda already know what he thinks of what we are doing. Like you know what I mean? Sometimes, he wants us to think about it and find an answer... 

  • There is sooo much talent within Nigerian Christian young adults in Canada. You have no idea how much. I was amazed
  • I had a wonderful time again :D 

                PLEASE PLEASE!! if  we know each other in real life. Do Not answer! :p Which one is me?????


  1. I can say that I'm guilty of not forgiving myself for some things I've done. I know God has forgiven me because I've confessed my sins to him several times. But,it's hard to forgive myself...only because I'm full of regrets.

    Well...a day is coming when I'll let go of the past and move on. That day is very near...I feel it! :)

    You're the second person on the left. Am I right?


  2. awww... u will.

    erm.. let's see what others will say :p

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  4. I think you are the second from left. I love the tips, especially the first one,thanks for sharing.

  5. I think you are the 2nd from the left too.
    P.S: I don't think going natural will stop the guys from coming at all, so far you are being neat about it

  6. I also think you are the 2nd on the left. We also hold this type of conference in my church we call it
    'S'OLD OUT'and it's always amazing.
    Thanks for sharing all the tips.

  7. Welcome all :)
    okay I give up, y'all r right.. it's me lol.... I guess my profile gave it away :p

    @ilola of cos I agree! what I mean is not everything that works for A will work for B. Just because someone we admire is doing something doesn't mean we should :)