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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A lil' bit of ...

Uncurling and crawling out
New day it is...

It's a morning race
hearts in the mouth
tick, tack tick tack.... "am not gon' be late"
the "hallelujah" song... the bus din't leave

Morning smiles
Stinks that kill
The grumpy and the talker
cute little kids
School children in;
Naive; secret is out
loud (unnecessary) laughs......
..........trip downtown

well dressed..
"koi koi" ladies make silent noises
honks.... honks.... "move away, can I drive in!!"
morning breeze, fresh coffee
bakery smells......
The crowd; everyone trying to race
but keeping their "cool"
......Mornings downtown...

Okay, okay, let's all snap out of it.....it's not like I live in downtown Paris, or Montreal or Manhattan lol.. I live in Edmonton, and for those who that know where that is; it's in Alberta.. and Alberta is in Canada lol.... But I love it here I love the not soo "crazy" downtown/ life here ... Might be wondering why am all "downtown-ing" Well, I just completed my 2nd week at my co-op placement (or internship position) and I love it already.. I get the opportunity to do some writing, some accounting work, learn about social policy ..etc.... so ya, am excited to learn :D

hmmm.... I had been searching for a placement for about 8 months and trust me I had given-up when I got this offer.. and it's like God was secretly working it out for me *sigh* .. .. the morale of my story is never give-up, never ever stop praying or believing in God ... in his time he makes all things beautiful :)

I also wanna say I love blogsville and thanks to everyone who comes here to read mine and for those who keep me occupied with their amazing stories, or poems, points of view etc.. luv ya all....  Well, am still very happy and should say peaceful (it's a new thing). I think it's because am slowly discovering and loving who God is....

Some of the songs I am loving loving loving ATM :)

Simple Plan  - Jet Lag
Usher        --  More
I was here  -- Lady Antebellum
S & M      --  Rihanna
Adele         -- One & Only
Chris Brown-  Greatness
Chris Brown-  She ain't You
Kirk Franklin-  Give me
Kirk Franklin-  I smile

BTW.. I was gon' leave y'all with the video of  S&M but errrr that video (no comments)
so it's More and DJ got us falln' in love (Enjoy :)  )


  1. i don't know why but this made me smile:) probably because pf the positivity. thank you :)

  2. nice poem! I feel the same way about downtown houston :)
    and ooh, the S&M video is fuh-reeaky!

  3. I know right that vid is O_o lol
    aww Kiite, am glad it made u smile :)