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Thursday, June 23, 2011

time to Dump Him???

soO I was at work listening to the radio and this girl emails saying:

".. Hi, I love my boyfriend, but I can't stand his stinky smell... He has long greasy hair and doesn't shower enough.....  I feel embarrassed when I walk into a restaurant with him.. feels like the waitress can smell him..."

And the radio presenter gave some cool advice like; get him some gifts that help, like a shower gel, some perf, etc.. the best of all the advices was "DUMP HIM AND DATE A METRO SEXUAL"

YEP? nOpE?

hahahaha! That made me laugh I dunno why.... Well, I don't mind a metro sexual tho... okay there are two types. There is the first group. They have a good sense of color, they don't mind going shopping, not scared of wearing colors like pink or purple or orange.. might not be too in touch with designers but have a good sense of fashion... If I see no "gay tendencies" it's okay. There is nothing wrong with a man who likes to look good, and who can give me fashion tips (just saying...)

YeSS? NoO?
Then ther's the other group OMG! They are very very into themselves; and prolly take more pictures than I do (ha! I can like to pose sometimes o) .. They are same as the first group but more... they might even use mascaras and nail hardeners (I just can't) prolly spend more time dressing up than me (I JUST CAN'T) , very tanned, hair always gelled or stands etc ... etc ....I dunno...  

Sooo ladies would you date a metro sexual?? Guys what do u think?  amm sure everyone knows who a metro sexual is but to be clear they are STRAIGHT! "a heterosexual man who spends a lot of time and money on his appearance and likes to shop" (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/metrosexual) ...

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  1. there's always a limit to the amount of time spent tryna look good and be the one I'd be waiting for when it is time to leave the house cuz someone is stuck in front of the mirror! LoooL--for me tho, its not bad looking good, but like I said there is a limit.

  2. LOL, there's a thin line between being metro and being down-right effeminate. I want a dude that takes some pride in his appearance but once you start getting your eyebrows shaped and rocking a man purse you've crossed the line.

  3. lmao! i cnt date a metrosexual for sure! we'll fight like every day over silly stuff like mirrors :p

  4. I am crazy about guys with really good dress sense. I can't date a metrosexual.

  5. @Giagerry and ladyNgo I agree! a limit .. @Kitkat loool You know.. or where my mascara is lol

    @Ope Adebayo, erm a semi-metro perhaps? ;) j/k

  6. We LOVE what you have to say. =]

    And we are hoping you'd come to our chatroom tomorrow -- we're battling the boys and discussing relationships. =] We're inviting you to join the college fun!

    Kimberly, FWB